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  2. My best bud also has the 900 tours with that shaft... a super smooth feeling shaft with a buttery soft head makes for an unreal combo... it would be just odd though if we ended up with the exact same setup.
  3. i also picked up a FLI-HI 3 iron... it has a PX LZ 6.0 and it is freaking awesome... it is a half club longer than my last MP-H5 and the feel is much better. I am very excited about this club and i am trying to figure out how i am going to build the rest of my set around this club... yeah its that good that i am using it as my starting point.
  4. The front runner right now is a Mizuno irons (not sure which model however the MP5's are beauties) and Titleist (917) woods setup.
  5. hill downs here off grove drive and king street lol... just down the road!
  6. Hi folks... i must say i am blown away by the stance MGS has taken towards the BS in the industry... this is exactly what the industry needs to help educate the consumer into making better decisions and the OEM's to make better "consumer based" decisions. I have been golfing for around 23 years... like most mid cappers my handicap has floated between 10 and 20 over the years. I am finally in a place where i feel like i will have the potential to post a single digit number. Having fun is my goal however i can have fun shooting 82 or over 90. I started to play from the back tees last year and i saw about a 4 shot difference in my scores. There is an element of fun for me to hit mid and long irons into greens instead of short to mid irons and hitting driver more off the tee will in the long run help my game instead of hitting more long irons from the forward tees. Speed of play is a factor for me as well with the tee box i play from. My bag in in turmoil right now as i have been selling off gear in the attempt to find that perfect set... is it ever possible? who knows but i am having fun trying to find out. In my heyday i was a competitive long driver in western Canada while in my early to mid 30's and my longest measured drive was 391. Not competitive by todays standards however i had a blast and made the regional event here 4 years in a row. I really enjoy reading anything about golf... and i love listening to stories of people having fun playing golf... i love hearing about new gear prior to its release and i love that people of different abilities can still have success playing the same type of gear... the one thing i hate is negative attitudes towards the game and the decisions that people make with regards to equipment. To each their own. Glad to be here and glad to start reading and hopefully learning a bit.
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    1. OldAngryMan


      thank you... i am blown away by the way MGS is run... the truth hurts for some however it is what this industry needs to get back on track.

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