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  1. My home course supplies plastic tees so I use them for the driver. Use short wooden tees for irons.
  2. Tonight I have been doing an album shootout with nine copies of Tears for Fears, Songs From the Big Chair. Have a mixture of Canadian copies, US, UK and Europe pressings. Finished side 1 with a 1st Canadian pressing that easily beat all others. Currently working on side 2. Hoping the best side 2 is the same record as the side 1 so I can sell an additional album. Most often I will have a record for side 1 only and side 2 only as well. Not ideal but I am only interested in the best sound possible. Tomorrow I will do the same with 7 copies of Ziggy Stardust. I have a 1st pressing orange label original, early Japanese and 5 UK copies. Will be hoping for the best.
  3. Earlier today I was contemplating whether to pick up another set of Taylormade MG3 wedges in 50-09, 54-11, 58-08. They have been the best wedges I ever used. Slight edge relief has made a huge difference. I went to Golftown this afternoon and picked up the 50 and 54 wedge. Will place an order online for the 58 tomorrow morning. I have the gift cards with nothing else I need so I figured why not.
  4. Last fall I got fitted for wedges at TXG. By far the best wedges for me were the Taylormade MG3's in 50-54-58. Also got a Vokey 60 degree bent to 62. Do not currently have any use for a new club, apparel, shoes or even golf gloves. I have some gift cards which will be more than enough to purchase the same 3 MG3's from Golftown. Who knows what will be available in the future and these work so well for me.
  5. Picked up a Sun Mountain Four5 over ten years ago and still in great shape. Only problem has been a broken towel loop. Really like the 14 way dividers since I use oversize grips. Use a SM C130 at my home course when using a supplied push cart that work better with a stand bag. Only ride in a cart if no other option. My daughters use a Sun Mountain MCB and a Cobra Lightweight cart bag.
  6. So far today I listened to Zep IIII, 2 copies I forgot about. One was Ok and the other very good. Classical music today - German Overtures on an old Telefunken label. A very large bombastic orchestra. Also listened to Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring. Both albums have a very quiet background and great resolution which helps with finer details in the music. Love the tempo changes when listening to a large orchestra. Compared a couple copies of Cat Stevens Teaser and the Firecat to see which had the best sound. Also listened to Quadrophenia (The Who) and Benefit (Jethro Tull). I will now be doing a shootout trying to find the best side 1 and the best side 2 of three identical pressings of Willie Nelson's Stardust. Hope I find a great sounding side 1 and 2.
  7. Fore years I wore Titleist Players glove in an extra large cadet. Not close to great but best fit I could find. Palm was never long enough and would wear a hole in 4-5 rounds. Tried a Mizuno Elite from a small independent retailer and easily the best fitting glove for my hand I have found. I have a couple of Bridgestone gloves I got in Japan. I use these on the driving range as they are a bit thicker and wear like lead. We get some humid conditions in July and August around Toronto. I always take off my glove between shots and carry it to let any breeze help dry it out. On the most humid days I may use a second glove somewhere on the back nine. I never put a wet glove in my bag. Throw the glove on top of my bag in the car until I get home and then leave it on the counter in the laundry room to dry out.
  8. Someone I know purchased a house that formerly belonged to an embezzler who went to prison. They gave me a Titleist staff bag with some clubs that was left in the house. I kept extra clubs in the bag until my wife started throwing out things when we were preparing to move. The staff bag ended up in the garbage. At least she knew better to not throw out my carry bag which I actually used.
  9. First set of clubs when I was 27 was a mixed set of blades, no two the same. Cleveland Vas MacGregor Tourney PCB Nike VR Covert Forged Srixon Z 565 Taylormade 790
  10. I use iron covers when I transport my golf clubs. Do not want more dings on the irons when they are bouncing around in the back of the truck.
  11. Extra golf clubs; Irons - MacGregor PCB Tourneys, Nike VRS Forged, Srixon Z 585 Drivers - Callaway Rogue, Maltby Fairway/Hybrid - 2 fairway, multiple hybrids Wedges - 15-20 Titelst and Cleveland Putters - 6-10 putters Also have a women's set of irons and a couple of drivers my girls no longer use. I will put a set together to keep at my cabin and the rest will be sold or given away. The only clubs I will keep are my MacGregor irons. Once in a while I still pull them out to hit at the range.
  12. Driver, 5 wood and hybrid are all black Dormie covers with my golf clubs logo. Had been reading posts on this forum long before I signed up as a member. I figured it was worth a decent donation for the money I saved by buying the best equipment for my game. Adam sent me a bag of tees as well as a great putter cover I still use today. Last fall I got a good deal on a Bettinardi glow in the dark skeleton putter cover in case I ever lose the MGS cover.
  13. I prefer a milled face on a putter. Have tried a couple of putters with inserts, each time using them on the course for a few months. Not sure why but with both putters I was unable to get the feel for distance. Each time I kicked the putter to the curb during the middle of a round. Once I pulled out my old milled putter, distance control improved immediately both times.
  14. I use Vaurnet sunglasses for golf with a yellow lens. Similar to yellow lens shooting glasses. Only thing that works for me.
  15. Favourite hobbies ranked in order; 1. Fishing - By far my favourite pastime. Mostly fish for Muskie, also smallmouth and largemouth bass. Love to fish out of canoes and kayaks with other boats for larger water. make some of my own lures. Also have a few fly rods but not very good at it yet. 2. Listening to my stereo. Got back into the stereo when my wife was pregnant with my first daughter. Not fair to take off every weekend so I went back to something I loved as a kid. Have been working on the stereo for the past 19 years trying to squeeze the best sound possible out of it. Only listen to vinyl and reel to reel tapes. CD's are for the car. 3. Shooting pool. Bought a different house last year and getting back into playing pool. I have a 4.5x9 pool table as well as a 6x12 snooker table. Always preferred snooker. When I was seven my father would take me to a pool hall to play snooker. 4. Darts - Another thing I liked as a kid. Always enjoyed the social aspect. 5. Hiking in the woods and tracking animals. Goal is to see how close I can get to them before they get spooked. Got within 2 feet of a great horned owl on a fallen tree. It took well over an hour to circle around while staying down wind. Track deer and bears as well. Have not shot an animal since I was 12. 6. Wood Working - Finally have a space indoors. Tools consist of both power and hand tools. Power tools at times can get the job done quicker but hand tools are more therapeutic and a lot less noisy. 7. Golf - I am not a good golfer but I still enjoy it. The challenge to myself is what makes it interesting. 8. Lifting weights and swimming for cardio.
  16. Each spring I buy four dozen Titleist balls through my club and have them mark the balls with my company name (CS2) on each in blue.
  17. Ordered 3 albums that arrived today. Listened to an existing album first, Donny Hathaway Live. New albums are Talking Heads- True Stories, Deep Purple - Fireball and Freddie Hubbard - Sky Dive. All albums sound great since they are all from Better Records with ratings of Super Hot Stamper or better for each album side.
  18. Yes and no. Both clubs require a good repeatable setup as well as a proper face angle at contact. Driver is hit the same every time. The difference I see with a putter fitting is distance control. Consistent setup and good face angle at impact will not mean very much if you can not control distance. I have tried a couple of putters that I could get on line easy but had no feel for distance. Tempo and swing length can be different each putt. During a fitting try to pick some spots before the cup, dying into the cup and putts with speed to see how far you can putt consistently for long range putts.
  19. If a $2500 putter allowed me to make a couple extra putts a round I would be willing to spend the money. Not a bad investment if you putt better for the next 10-20 years. Overall you will spend less over time than continuously changing putters.
  20. For golf shirts the two main brands I wear are J Lindeberg and Galvin Green. Slim fits and they always seem to last 3+ years of hard wear. Generally can buy for around 50% retail in the off season which I think is good value. I have been lucky to get two full seasons out of other golf polos. Polos from Travis Mathews and Penguin can't even make it through one year for me.
  21. Good quality linen that does not wrinkle but instead rumples is expensive due to being thicker while still very comfortable to wear. I have a couple better quality linen polo shirts that I occasionally wear while playing golf. Have never seen this quality level in golf shirts and will end up being very expensive from a top tier brand.
  22. Mid November I stopped fasting. Decided to start a small bulking period. Looking to gain 5-10 pounds by the end of March with the hopes of gaining a bit more muscle. I am always more active form spring to fall so there should be no problem dropping some extra weight. In order to gain the weight I have started eating 5-6 meals per day. Each meal is slightly smaller with a lot of protein (mostly seafood) and vegetables. If I feel hungry any time during the day I eat fruit. I do not count calories, weigh myself every day and base my eating habits on the scale over time. Back to lifting weights 6-8 times per week, two muscle groups per session. Shorter workouts helps reduce systematic fatigue for me. After each workout I walk around 15-20 minutes carrying a 50 lbs slam ball on my shoulder. Try to get at least 45 minutes in the pool each week. Will be picking up a Concept2 BikeErg this week. This will allow me to get more steady state cardio each day. If I want to watch TV or a movie I might as well get some exercise in at the same time.
  23. Adidas have been the best for me over the years. I like the boost technology, makes for a very comfortable walk for 18 holes. Have been wearing spiked and spikeless Tour 360's for the last few years. Good shoes as long as they have leather in the heel. Ordered a pair of this seasons CodeChaos in all black but had to return, first time I have found an Adidas shoe too tight for me to wear. Still wanted an extra spikeless shoe and picked up a pair of Rebelcross. Using them for indoor practice, so far very happy with them. Picked up a pair of Duca Del Cosmo and will see how I like them this season. Tried Ecco spikeless and Ok for comfort but I rarely wear them. Have a pair of Footjoy Icon hardly worn as I found them a bit too tight.
  24. I have a distribution company that supplies specialty products in construction, restoration and manufacturing industries. Semi retired last year at 50. Will never stop working completely, prefer to work when and number of hours at my discretion. I have been thinking of starting a new company next spring. I enjoy the risk of a new startup. Once a business is stable and profitable it becomes boring for me. The rush is when every decision could lead to profit or bankruptcy. That is the time it is fun.
  25. I agree above you need to finish the last half of the bottle a little quicker. The age of when bottled does make a difference. What I was referring to was the amount of older juice than stated which was added for a better flavour profile. This ended once demand for scotch stated increasing. For a number of years scotch was not very popular among the regular populous which lead to lower stock levels at distilleries. When market was low more aged product made it into aged stated bottles to increase sales. Demand started to increase due to demand of luxury goods (including scotch) in the asian market. Pandemic demand went crazy for any liquor and no need to add anything past the stated age. A friend of mine purchased a bottle of Glenmorangie and when I stopped by his house a week later I brought a bottle I purchased thirteen+ years ago. Tasted the new version against the old and not even close. I have one more of these bottles I plan on gifting it on his birthday. One of my favourite bottles is Laphroaig Quarter Cask. If I am going to swill a bottle in one night I pull a more recent bottle from around 5 years ago. When I want a dram to really enjoy I open a much older bottle. This scenario has played out many times.
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