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  1. Today I listened to the 4 album set of Fleetwood Mac in Concert 1970. Also listened to AC/DC Let there be Rock, Edwin Birdsong and a couple of B.B. King albums, three Chet Atkins albums as well as Bad Company S/T and Desolation Angels. Have not decided what I will listen to later this evening.
  2. For non golf use off the course I have a couple pairs from Jacques Marie Mage, two pairs from Dita out of Japan and 2 pairs of Tom Ford which are made by Dita. The Jacques Marie Mage and Tom Ford are acetate frames and Dita are metal frames with tungsten nose pieces.
  3. Just finishing on promo vinyl for the 4th side of Fleetwood Mac in Chicago. Peter Green along with bluesmen such as Otis Spann, Willie Dixon, Shakey Horton and others. The sound quality of the vinyl is the icing on the cake.
  4. After 3 years of no golf I have gone to the driving range a few times the last couple of weeks. Have always been poor with the driver and today started to straighten out with the club. Hopefully this will carry over when I start playing.
  5. What I do not understand are all the people who have a handicap. If you are moving your ball then your score and handicap is not correct.
  6. The only untouchable club in my bag is my putter. Have used it for over 10 years and no interest in using anything else. Made the mistake a number of years ago got fitted for an Evnroll mallet putter and used for 3 months with horrible results. Easy to get the putter on line but had no distance control. Had my Mizuno putter with me after the first 12 holes and switched back to my Mizuno and putted great the rest of the round. Gave the Evnroll to my oldest daughter.
  7. Picked up another JLindeberg golf polo as well as two G Fore polos. Also picked up another Dormie driver head cover from my course to use on my back up set go clubs.
  8. Hit golf balls into a net in my basement today for the first time in 3 years.
  9. Retired 2 years ago when I turned 50 which allowed me more time for the things I like most. Muskie fishing whenever I can with some bass fishing once in a while. Shooting pool and snooker every morning for about an hour. Stereo I have been working on for the last 20 years and always looking for improved sonics. Throwing darts. I have been working on my stance and throw for the last 14 years due to an injury. Finally getting closer than before injury. In the process of getting equipment for woodworking. Started working at my father's factory when I was 7 and always enjoyed using machines and hand tools.
  10. If the putter was good enough a thousand dollars would be worth it. Unlike a driver the putter can be used for many years and not have to worry about all the new technologies with the rest of our clubs.
  11. 4 way bags only for me. I use oversize grips, when I had an Ogio 5 way bag it could be a fight trying to get clubs out. Currently use a Sun Mountain C-130 stand bag as well as an old Sun Mountain 4Five 14 way bag. Big fan of Sun Mountain bags.
  12. I have had the same putter for over 12 years. Putter was a Mizuno Black Carbon Mallet made by Bettinardi with the fit face. Ten years ago I did a putter fitting with an Edel cart. After over an hour of the fitter trying different combinations he told me my original putter suits me best. The grip was worn so I had him put on a round grip which I really liked. Last year I had another putter fitting with TXG (have all my clubs fitted there). Alex did the fitting and wanted to change the grip very slightly heavier on the Black Carbon putter. Seemed like it would not be much of a difference but everything fell in place after that. His parting words to me was never replace my putter. A lucky Ebay buy.
  13. I currently have Taylormade milled grind 3 black wedges in 50, 54, 58 as well as a SM9 60 degree bent to a 62 for flop shots that I had fitted. Also have a back up set still in plastic when needed.
  14. Tried a pair of Oakley Prizm golf glasses but did not like them as it was not always easy to see the ball properly in the air. I got a pair of Vaurnet sun glasses with yellow lenses similar to yellow shooting lenses. Easy to see the ball in the air as well as easy to read putts on the greens. Almost feels like cheating.
  15. My home course supplies plastic tees so I use them for the driver. Use short wooden tees for irons.
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