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  1. My home course is hilly, even in the fairways, so lateral stability is a must. I have found Adidas Tour Boost to be the best for me. I have four pairs I rotate through when playing and practice. I even purchased a pair of spikeless for indoor winter practise so there is consistency.
  2. I always carry so the bag is of utmost importance. If the bag does not have full length dividers I will not consider it. Club tangle is a huge annoyance. Drink pocket needs to be designed for easy access while walking. I don’t worry about a cooler pocket as I use an insulated cup. Access to another pocket while walking for my range finder allows me to be ready when I reach my ball. Also prefer a flat pocket to keep extra gloves.
  3. I had a 50’ x 28’ putting green with four holes installed in my backyard two years ago. There is room to hit pitch shots from 50 yards. Most putting greens consist of a carpet over crushed gravel and sand. When hitting pitch or full shots you will get ball marks which will cause a dent that can not be easily repaired. The green I had installed has the “grass” over an inch long. This is then filled with round sand, approximately two pounds per square foot and rolled until it is compacted. This allows the green to accept pitch and full shots. The green was installed to accentuate the natural rolls and a hump in the terrain. No problem for this since it is not a carpet which also eliminates seams. Pitch shots do not react exactly like grass but it is acceptable. A decent shot will still hold the green since the round sand has some give but no pitch marks to fix. Speed is 10 in one direction and 12 in the other. Green needs to be blown off on a regular basis and resanded (usually at edges of cups) and rolled once a year. Over the winter I do not need to cover the green. Like mentioned earlier there is a distinct transition from the fringe to the putting surface. The fringe is only OK for some chip shots. Transition from fringe to grass is much better. Reading the contours of the green is not the same as a grass green but still acceptable. With only four hole options it can get a bit boring. To solve this I bought two Dead Zero putting discs that can be placed anywhere on the green. Smaller than the hole to replicate a putt made if it is hit and they have enough weight to not move. Overall, these types of greens are great for a homeowner as they will give you most of what you need. I would install one of these greens again if room permitted. Much lower maintenance than real grass that you can hire out or do yourself. Would I pay a course who uses greens like this, not a chance.
  4. I am 6’2 with large, long hands and use Lamkin Crossline jumbo grips with 4 extra wraps. When I try clubs with regular grips they are like toothpicks and I end up strangling the club when I swing. Not ideal, I tend to use my arms and come over the top when I grip too tight. Length for clubs is not a problem since I have longer arms than normal for my height.
  5. I walk only so courses that are cart only are out. Consistent rolling greens whether slow or fast and decent fairways are important. Holes that have some risk/reward element always make things more interesting. All of the above are important but if I don’t enjoy the general atmosphere of the course I am not interested in going back. Not a fan of house lined courses, would rather look at nature. Prefer courses that separate holes visually from each other. More of a feeling you are the only people there. I play golf for enjoyment in my limited free time. I am looking for the total experience, if not, what is the point.
  6. I performed both simple eye dominance tests in your link and find I am neutral. If one eye is more dominant it is too close for me to tell. Hoping I could find an easy fix to take a couple less putts per round. Ball will remain in the middle of my stance.
  7. For those living in major cities living space costs a premium. This will only increase as the urbanization trend continues. Good for Sun Mountain to see the trend and bring innovative products to market. Good for the consumer and good for their bottom line.
  8. I watched the video and it was interesting that a part of testing a new ball was to cut it open. Good work MGS.
  9. A number of years ago I purchased a set of Vokey wedges from a website at a descent discount. When they did not arrive after a few weeks I contacted the company and they sent out replacements. A couple of weeks later I received both sets within two days. The logos did not look as crisp as I thought they should on a few of the heads and grips so I contacted Titleist. I asked questions and they had me check details right down to the smell of the grips to determine they were counterfeit. Ended up buying from a local store and received a full refund for the counterfeits no questions asked. Still have them in my basement never hit. They might be OK to use but not by me. When my kids started playing I went to a custom builder and they both ended up with Maltby KE4 irons and my oldest with a Wishon driver she can hit farther and more consistently than me. Everything was older stock the builder had since I was on a budget as I was not sure how much they would play. I would not hesitate purchasing Maltby or Wishon clubs in the future for my kids or myself. As far as where the equipment is made I don’t care. There are crap and quality items manufactured in the US, Europe and Asia. Buy brands you can trust at the price point you like.
  10. The more premium golf balls the better. More choices mean a better chance to find a ball that works for you. For those that don’t want to pay the premium price, if there are too many premium balls on the market some of them may end up on discount at a price point you are happy with.
  11. I have been using FMY’s tees for the last 2 years with the driver. Wanted to take out a variable since the driver is the worst club in my bag. These tees easily allow consistent height of the ball.
  12. I use a gate system. Easy to tell what the issue is in your putting stroke.
  13. For me this year was a toss up between Rory and Brooks. I look at it as what meant more to the voters. Wins may have canceled each other out with a major for Brooks and an extra win and wins in the next two most important tournaments of the year for Rory. Consistency in performance is lauded in all sports, especially among athletes. This may have been the deciding factor for the majority of voters. Rory’s consistency in top tens and his stroke average for the year probably pushed him over the finish line for the win this year.
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    This picture brings back memories of watching James Garner on Rockford Files when I was a kid.
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