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  1. Zach MA Cleveland Huntington Beach 4 Putter Right Handed Single Bend
  2. 1. Zach 2. Massachusetts, USA 3. 20 4. I currently do not have one but am trying to get my handicap down to 15 (second season) so would be a huge help!
  3. Hi Guys, Newbie kind of question here. Do you inhale on backswing, and then exhale on the downswing or hold your breath?
  4. Am referring to this; https://eyelinegolf.com/products/speed-trap?variant=410782593
  5. Hi Guys, Second season golfing, I've taken a couple of lessons, but I'm sure like most of you I want to get the most out of the range when I go. I know there are 100's of training aids out there, and the one I'm the most interested in is the Eyeline Speed Trap. Does anyone have any experience with this? Don't want to go off reviews on the Eyelin website. Thanks.
  6. Hey Everyone, Relatively new to golf. I am in my early thirties, and had my first season in 2017 where I played more than 5 times. I got bit by the bug relatively late in the season, around September, so started spending more time on the range and took my score from 115 down to 94 by beginning of December (last round). This was all on a public course with a slope of 110, so not the most difficult. Fast forward to 2018, have already taken one lesson, and once the snow melts that hit us in the month of March, I look forward to getting out on the range and course. Hoping to get my handicap do
  7. 1) Zach, from Massachusetts 2) Driver - Cobra Bio Cell - Regular Shaft 3Wood - Cobra F7, Stiff Shaft Hybrid - Cobra F7 3Hybrid - Regular Shaft 4-PW - Callaway Big Bertha X12's - 52 Loft - Titleist SM6 56 Loft - Titleist SM6 Putter - Cleveland Huntington Beach #8 3) Handicap - 24 4) Goals for 2018, first goal is to get my handicap down to 17. Second, is to break 80. Started really playing late last summer and broke 100 in December before the first snowstorm, so I'm heading into 2018 focused and ready to improve, already have taken one lesson and signed up for more. I love C
  8. Welcome to the forums zdsmith87 :)


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