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  1. Husani/ Milwaukee Ipad 7th Generation I can do both as I will have access to a driving range with heated bays and a indoor hitting area with net at the golf course that I work at. Also the indoor hitting area has a trackman that I can compare the numbers to.
  2. Husani Milwaukee, Wisconsin Handicap: 18 Current Model: Apex 19 Want to test: t200
  3. Sean in Wisconsin Mizuno JPX 900 10.5, UST V2 regular flex HDCP: 18, Swing Speed: 89 Have access to a Trackman Never played anything Tour Edge
  4. 1. Husani Redding, Wisconsin 2. 19 handicap, 84.1 Swingspeed 3. JPX 900 4. Epic Flash
  5. Husani Redding from Wisconsin Under Armor rain jacket Footjoy rain pants Torrential downpours, where the cart might float away
  6. Welcome to the forums hus3695 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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