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Winged Wheeler

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    Farmington Hills, MI
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  1. Winged Wheeler

    Testers Announced: PING G700 Irons

    Steve SE Michigan Titleist 714 AP1 - True Temper XP95 - R300 7 Iron - 160yards
  2. Would love to test the Mizuno driver. Looking to get a new driver over the next year and would love opportunity to test this one. Steve, Michigan Titleist 915 D2, Fujikura PRO 63 stiff shaft Swingspeed - 98 MPH Handicap 15 ST-180 9.5/Tensei CK Blue Regular
  3. Winged Wheeler

    Hello from Bath Michigan

    Welcome from the Detroit Metro Area
  4. Winged Wheeler

    Howdy All

    Welcome to the forum
  5. Winged Wheeler

    The Importance of Golf Fitness - New Memeber post

    Welcome to the forum
  6. Winged Wheeler

    New Guy...

  7. Winged Wheeler

    Greetings from SE Michigan

    It may have been. If we went out as a twosome and ended up playing the front 9 twice because the back nine was super crowded that would be me
  8. Winged Wheeler

    Greetings from SE Michigan

    I am in Farmington Hills
  9. Winged Wheeler

    Greetings from SE Michigan

    We're close...I live in Farmington Hills
  10. Winged Wheeler

    Greetings from SE Michigan

    Greetings from the Detroit Metro Area. Have been a silent follower of MyGolfSpy for a couple of years, but have decided to subscribe to the site now. Looking to see what is what and hopefully find ideas/ways to improve my game since I recently retired and plan on spending the vast majority of my time on a course somewhere