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  1. Alex de Castro /Tennessee hcp 12.6 callaway apex pro combo 2016 160
  2. Alex De Castro abeger tennessee odyssey red hot Rossie weakness I’d love to hit more 10-15 footers please!!
  3. Alex - Tennessee 12 hcp/ 105mph titleist 913 d3 epic flash sub zero thanks for the opportunity.
  4. Alex De castro tennessee titleist 913 d3 g410plus pleasee give me this chance!!
  5. Alex/Tennessee underArmour rain gear 40 degrees with freezing rain in coastal Massachusetts
  6. Big shot tuned golf would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity.
  7. Alex Nashville, TN 13 Callaway apex pro ‘16 4-pw project x 6.0 i 210 but this is a hard decision. I feel like I could probably buy either set if I were in the market. Definitely on my trial list.
  8. I have been drooling over these for over 2 years. Can't justify the move but if I tested and they beat my gamers, can't argue with better. Alexander De Castro Nashville, TN 12 hcp Callaway apex pro ‘16 1 degree upright, project x 6.0, z cord with an extra wrap
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