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  1. Tod, Ravenna Ohio, U.S I am just using a generic Wilson blade putter with an offset shaft I would be interested in testing the Tyne 3. I like the look and that it is slightly lighter than the Tomcat (2nd choice). I putt with a slight arc for my swing path and I think it would fit and give me far more control/accuracy than my current putter.
  2. Tod, Ravenna, Ohio Swing Speed: 100 Bridgestone E6 Tour
  3. Your first name: Tod - State: Ohio - Your current model of putter: generic Wilson brand blade putter - Is putting a strength or weakness of your game: weakness
  4. Tod from Ohio I have a cheap off brand putter with a basic pistol type grip SNSR (140 cc)
  5. I thought I had already replied but I will do it again just to be sure. Tod from Ohio 2. Handicap is 17, swing speed is unknown 3. Taylormade R11 4. The Epic Flash
  6. Tod from Ohio Handicap: 17, Swing speed- unknown Taylormade R11 G410 SFT
  7. 1. First name and city/state: Tod from Ravenna, Ohio 2. Handicap: 17 3. Current Wedges: Mizuno 4. Your desired set/lofts: 52, 56, 60 degree
  8. Your first name: Tod Your home state/province/country: Ohio/US Your handicap: 14 Your current irons set/shaft: Generic cavity back with True temper steel Your PING choice - i210 or i500: the i210 please
  9. First name and home state/province: Tod from Ohio Age and handicap: 52, handicap of 15 Your current iron set/makeup: Off-brand cavity back (3-9), true temper steal shafts, Mizuno wedges
  10. 1. First name: Tod 2. Home state/province and country: Ohio/US 3. Current handicap: 14 4. Current shot/stat tracking method - None
  11. Your first name: Tod - State/Province/Country: Ohio-US - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup: off brand cavity back with regular flex true-temper steel shafts - Your 7-iron distance: 160-165 yards
  12. Tod Huston Springfield, Oh 7 iron goes 160-165 yards I play an off brand cavity back with regular flex, tru-temper steel shafts
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