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  1. Brent Rochester, NY 50/50... prefer to walk, but sometimes dislike being rushed by my playing partners in carts Free use of pushcarts at my club, so they're some sort of cheap bagboy
  2. Similar to one of the early posters, I've moved into a blade b/c the performance is just better FOR ME - i can't explain it, it seems to defy logic. Whether its entirely in my head and the improved confidence has helped, i can't say. As a 0.5 handicap, I used to play Callaway Apex Pro's and then moved to P790's 1.5 years ago... i believe i was seduced by the distance. But, in the real world, i just never could get along with them - distances were all over the place for me, quality of strike wasn't real good, and then i'd get that occasional 7-iron that would go 195 yards... So 6 weeks ago i did a fitting again, and once again on a trackman, my gamers were just spectacular. But the next best thing was the MP-18 musclebacks. I decided to pick up a 2nd hand set of MP-18 MB's, and while i only have 3 rounds on them, I can't remember my iron play ever being better!! Now, what was a strength early in the year in my Driver, is starting to get a bit squirly from time to time, but so long as I drive the ball well, i have high confidence that I'm going to hit a great iron shot. Playing the MB's from 5-9 with a vokey 46* wedge and then still playing the 4 & 5 iron of the P790 (yes, two 5 irons, since the P790's are a full club stronger lofted in these irons). So, in effect its a 3-PW set that i'm pretty darn happy with (other than the Vokey - i'm undecided on it)
  3. - Brent - NY - Odyssey Exo 7, new this year... Oworks #1W last year - weakness
  4. Brent, Rochester NY, approx. 30 / yr. Only Facebook Handicap: 0.4, SS = 105mph Taylormade M1 430 - Aldila Rogue Silver 110 70X (just purchased a Cobra F9, haven't even hit it yet) & Taylormade P790, Recoil 110 F5 & Cleveland wedges (48, 54, 60) King F9 driver and conventional length irons
  5. 1. Brent - New York 2. Handicap: 0.4 - - - Swing Speed: 108mph 3. Taylormade M1 430, Adilia Rogue Silver 110msi X 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  6. 1. Brent - New York 2. Handicap: 0.4 - Swing Speed: 108 3. Taylormade M1 430, Ailia Rogue Silver 110 msi 70X, 1" short 4. G410 Plus
  7. - Your first name Brent - State/Province/Country New York - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup TM P790, recoil 110 f5 shafts - Your 7-iron distance 185-190
  8. First Name: Brent Home State/Province/Country: New York ​Do you use performance tracking? No Do you use a GPS watch? No Which ones? N/A
  9. Brent - New York 2016 Taylormade M1 430 w/ Adilia Rogue Silver 110msi - X 108-110mph, 265-275 yrds handicap = 5
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