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  1. Sam1492


  2. Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can offer any advice... I'm looking into getting some shot-tracking gear, but can't decide what's best. I've a Cobra F7 driver, which has the built-in Arccos Connect sensor, but I don't want to just follow that route because I've already got it in my driver... Has anyone got any experience with any of these systems, and can offer recommendations? Thanks, Sam
  3. Sam, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 13 Cleveland CG16 / Dynamic Gold reg Ping i210 Look what I currently play!? Surely deserve a Ping shaped treat!
  4. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the advice on my post. Finally managed to get myself into a shop and on the sim... Opted for a Callaway H2 Hot Hybrid 19degree w/ a stiff shaft, think that'll slot in nicely at the upper end of the bag! Just need to get a game in now and see what other clubs I can blame for my golf... Thanks again, Sam
  5. Hi Revkev, Thanks for the response. Yeah, I used to play a 3 iron, quite liked it but think the ease of a hybrid probably wins out. Looking to get on a launch monitor to see some numbers, then (hopefully) find a decent second-hand 19-degree hybrid fairly cheap which I can put in play. Thanks for the advice, Sam
  6. Sam Tyne and Wear, England Yes, Arccos in Cobra F7 driver, but that's it, NEED MORE! Yes, Garmin S2
  7. Yeah, think that's a fair assessment haha! My 4-iron is 21 degrees too, so hybrid is up past that. But then the forgiveness it offers is kind of a safe rest-point when I'm not striking the ball great. Think the general consensus is to look for a hybrid around 18 degrees! Cheers for the advice. Sam
  8. Yeah, maybe a 5 wood would be a useful addition. I like the versatility of the hybrid though. Playing links golf you get lots of nasty lies where you can't get a wood to, but a hybrid can play through it, so they have their benefits! Cheers, Sam
  9. Hi, Thanks for the response. I play Cleveland CB16 Irons, and they're quite strong lofted, the 4-iron is 21 degrees, so less than my hybrid... but if I'm striking the ball well, I'd kind of just ignore my hybrid all together, so yeah, maybe a hybrid around 18 degrees would fit the gap between my wood and iron. Think I'm definitely losing yardage in this area, so think a fitting to work out my distances and looking for around 18 degree hybrid might be the answer! Cheers, Sam
  10. Yeah, maybe I just need to go and find out my numbers to make the decision! Cheers
  11. Yeah, I think maybe a 3 hybrid would probably bridge the gap for me too, just been stuck with the 5 for so long think I've been kind of overlooking it!
  12. Hi Everyone, Just recently joined MyGolfSpy as a member, having read online for a long while! Hoping some people can give me some advice/guidance after just realising at the weekend what a waste of a club my current hybrid is... I currently play a Cobra F7 3 wood (15.5 degrees) then have an RBZ Stage 2 5 Hybrid which is 25 degrees, then into my irons 4,5,6 etc. So I probably have too big a gap between my wood and hybrid. Then, I play mostly links golf, so a high-flying hybrid isn't really much use in the constant wind of North East England and it doesn't fly as far as a well-struck four-iron either. Does anyone have any guidance on what hybrid might be the best fit between a 3 wood and a 4 iron? Would there be enough distinction between a 3 wood and a 3 hybrid? Cheers, Sam
  13. Welcome to the forums Sam1492 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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