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  1. Jerry / Virginia 85mph SS / Handicap 12 TM Project (A) & Pro VI X I have played Srixon Z Star Brands in the past. I am a retired 53 year old male that has played Golf for more than 25 years and at 1 time held a 5 Handicap. Due to an on the job injury with the Government I was retired after multiple operations on my knee to repair the damage which is why my Swing speed dropped from 115 mph to 85 mph and my handicap ballooned from 5 to 20. After working at it I have managed to drop it to a 12 and expect it to decrease even further. My Strongest part of my game is without a Doubt my Short game as it was always the first thing the Doctor would allow me to do after surgery long before I could do anything else. I'm not bragging but I am stating facts and that is this, From 100 yards in I will put my short game up against ANYBODY. If I was able to get the type of distance I once did I would be a + handicap by now for sure. I have plenty of time to practice and will give honest reviews on any Ball, Glove, Club ect that I test as I don't want to get taken for a ride no more than anyone else as o know money can be tight for sure. Thanks and keep em in the short grass guys.
  2. I am a 52 year old Serious golfer that used to be a whole lot better than I am. However after several knee surgeries, Shoulder and elbow problems I am what I am. I was a 5 handicap and to be totally honest I was much better but now I am a legitimate 12. Reason being I have lost 15 mph on my swing and that is being generous. At one time I carried 285-290 with my driver and had a long iron game that was to be envied for sure. I'm sure many if not all of you have heard the phrase " Oh, How the Mighty have fallen" . Well I think I fell, hit the Earth, went through it,Came out in China and am still falling. The only thing I have that can convince people I actually have some tallent is that from 100 yards in I can hang with anyone, I have nerves of steel and a steady stroke of the putter. Now is time for the red meat about my game that you may chew up, spit out and bury. At most I can get 200-210 carry and distance off the tee with the driver. My 15O club was a PW, Now it's between a 5&6 iron and my PW might get me 100-110. I had to rebuild my swing starting from scratch, I was a student of Sam Snead as I also come from Virginia and like him had what most people would call a controlled, Smooth, Homegrown swing. After my injuries that swing was no longer an option as it became unrepeatable so I turned to Late Great Ben Hogan for help and have used his book on the 5 fundamentals of the Golf swing. I have been extremely pleased with accuracy, repeatability, as well it standing up under pressure. My problem now seems to be getting the ball far enough down the fairway to take advantage of my short game. My loss of distance is becoming an issue. I used a Pro V1x and now I'm not sure what I should do anymore. I'm hoping that I may be able to tap into some of your knowledge and learn and hopefully have you learn from me as well. I look forward to speaking with you and, Jason.
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