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  1. About a year ago I switched from Cameron to the Byron Morgan brand. The reason I switched is because the Cameron putter line's head weight had become too heavy for my needs. Specifically, I am comfortable playing a 36.5" length putter, and at that extra long length it is helpful to have a relatively light putter head weight. Byron Morgan was capable and willing to make the 334 gram head weight I wanted, so I placed an order for one his DH89 (Anser-Newport style head) putters.Six weeks after placing my order I received a beautiful carbon head black oxide finish putter, including my specificati
  2. Rickie seemed to have a fun run of the single life, and now he is getting married: https://www.instagram.com/rickiefowler/?hl=en
  3. I'll admit that a year ago , after watching Tiger suffer from the chipping yips, I thought his future would be struggling to shoot par. I thought his days of competing to win Tour events were finished. But this year he proven able to swing the club with some good rhythm-tempo, play good short game shots, and shoot low scores. Tiger is now 42 years old. During the coming 5 years what do you expect will be Tiger's golf tournament accomplishments? Average 1 win per season, no Majors? Collect 10 more wins over the next five years, including a Major ? 2 more Majors ? Tiger's got 14 majors an
  4. For about the past 10 years, depending on the course, I rotated in and out of the bag either a 20* - 22* hybrid or a 21* 3-iron. For the past 6 months I switched to carrying the 3-iron exclusively, so the hybrid was never within the bag. From my swing , flat terrain- sea level- no wind, the 3-iron carries 190-195 , medium trajectory, lots of bounce and roll. I've found my 3-iron shot to be useful for narrow par 4 tee boxes, 2nd shot par 5 lay-ups, and (if there is room to land short and bounce-roll to the middle of the green), 210-220 par 3 tee box shots. My 5 fairway metal is more versati
  5. The following golf story is about my 17 year old son, Spencer. From the time he was in a baby stroller I took him to driving ranges. He got some sunshine and, or, napped while I struck balls for a 40 minutes. Later, from about age 4-11, Spencer would use the different clubs I picked up for him to strike balls along side me at the driving range. For each of those seven years Spencer probably put in 12 hours of driving range , chipping and putting green time. I would take him on average once per month and we would stay at the course for an hour each time. Early on Spencer learned a traditional
  6. I know that financial reasons have long been the reason that par 3 courses are not more prevalent. Specifically, courses are unable to charge high enough greens fees to justify the cost of owning-operating a par 3 golf course. Also, in recent decades most new golf courses were constructed by real estate developers aiming to sell golf course home sites, and a par 3 course does not fit the business model for selling homes. That said, if somehow more par 3 courses could be constructed, I think this would serve the game very well. Par 3 courses are perfect for youths and adults who are beginner
  7. Through the 1960's, 70's and 80's Tour players were using wooden head clubs with steel shafts and wound balls covered with balata. To consistently strike solid, accurate shots with this equipment required especially good rhythm-tempo-timing. Without these positive swing attributes , the equipment of decades past would often produce blocked, sliced, or duck hooked shots. Due to the lack of forgiveness of the clubs, these type misses were common for Tour players, especially during high pressure situation. In contrast, the forgiveness of current technology metal woods and graphite shafts allows
  8. I know many do not care for Johnny Miller's broadcasting work, but I've always enjoyed listening to him. I'm not sure about this, but believe that this season NBC may have been testing Peter Jacobsen and Justin Leonard as possible replacements for Miller when he retires. These two guys are likely nice gentlemen, had fine playing careers etc... but I do not find their broadcast work to be either interesting or entertaining. Just too bland without offering the insight I think Miller has always offered viewers. For a Miller replacement I would not mind Judy Rankin (she is very insightful regard
  9. I have never used a launch monitor. Of course I've heard the name Trackman and assume that is a launch monitor. Regardless, my question is about the electronic measuring devices (whether it's called a launch monitor, Trackman, or something else). On the club reviews found at YouTube, golf discussion forums etc...the numbers given for carry distance and total yardage often seem to me to be of incredibly long yardages. For example, driver shots carrying 300 yards, hybrids more than 240, 6-irons carrying 200 plus yards etc.... In my home area of Northern California I am fortunate enough to att
  10. Off the tee boxes I believe large head drivers, fairway metals , and irons are fine. However, from sloped, grassy, sandy, hard pan other less than ideal lies, I think the current industry standard of large heads may be less forgiving than the clubs of 20 years ago. For example, the original Tommy Armour 845 was a very popular iron model featuring a relatively small club head size with a deep cavity (plenty of perimeter weighting). This made for a very forgiving iron, suitable for all skill levels from beginner to Tour pro. Today, just about every iron design , even today's so called "play
  11. For most players, I believe being fit for clubs is overrated, and may even be counterproductive. The following is my reasoning. When a fitting client strikes balls the fitter is typically watching the ball flight and then making equipment adjustments to correct and, or, improve ball flight trajectory, accuracy etc....After the fitting, the player is provided with recommended club specifications which promote his swing faults. I understand the majority of players do not have the time or inclination to learn fundamentally sound swing technique, but an equipment fitting using swing faults is
  12. I am DG and have enjoyed (for years) the My Golf Spy equipment reviews. Now I have found the site's forum and plan to participate here.
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