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    Healthcare Economist and ACA Expert.
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  1. In a post below, list the following information: Note At this point the MLM is only compatible with IOS devices. And to get the best results it's recommended to have I Phone 8 or higher or IPad Pro Gens 2,3 or 4. IMPORTANT NOTE TO INSIDE USE. YOU MUST HAVE MINIMUM OF 8 FEET OF BALL FLIGHT BETWEEN THE TEE AND THE NET, IN ADDITION TO THE 6 TO 8 FEET FOR THE UNTI TO BE BEHIND THE BALL, SO 15 FEET OF TOTAL INDOOR SPACE FOR SET UP Open to US Residents Only First Name/City: Michael / Prairieville, LA What IOS Device Will You be Using: Iphone 11 or iPad Pro Gen 3 Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors: Outdoors Will You be Using a Net Yes or No: Yes, and a heavy hard/backed mat if necessary.
  2. Your first name; Mike Your home state/province/country: Louisiana, USA Your handicap: 15 Your current irons set/shaft: Wilson D300/Cleveland 3.0 Your PING choice - i210 or i500: i210
  3. What gorgeous irons! First name and home state/province Mike, Louisiana Age and handicap 57 and 15 Your current iron set/makeup Wilson D100 4-9 Cleveland 46,50,54,60 wedges
  4. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Jason Dufner Tier 4: Kevin Na Tier 5: Pat Perez Winning Score: -18
  5. Your first name/home state Mike in Louisiana Your current wedges (OEM/lofts) Cleveland RTX-2 black satin--60d (acquired Aug 2017) Cleveland RTX-2 black satin--54d (Acquired Aug 2017) Cleveland RTX-2 black satin--50d (Acquired Nov 2017) Cleveland RTX-3 black satin--46d (Acquired June 2018) Your desired set/lofts: See above. Totally happy with these lofts and brand, but always looking to try something new. Replaced Wilson D100 SW and PW with 50/46 to keep my bag legal....Much more control. thanks..mrb
  6. Here are my picks for Carnoustie! Tier 1: Rickie Fowler Tier 2: Tyrell Hatton Tier 3: Webb Simpson Tier 4: Brian Harman Tier 5: Dylan Fritelli Winning Score: -8
  7. First name & home state/province Mike, Louisiana - Current fairway woods/shafts/flexes Taylormade Aeroburner 16 4h, 3w, 5w, standard flex - Current fairway wood lofts 22d Hybrid 18d 5 wood 15d 3 wood thanks!...mrb
  8. Your first name: Michael - State/Province/Country Louisiana, USA - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup: Wilson D-100, Regular Flex Steel - Your 7-iron distance 140-145
  9. My entries: TIer 1: Phil Mickelson Tier 2: Bryson Dechambeau Tier 3: Jason Duffner Tier 4: Pat Perez Tier 5: Thorbjorn Oleson
  10. First name/home state or province Michael, Louisiana, USA Current driver/shaft combo TaylorMade AeroBurner 10.5d, Standard Flex Swing speed/handicap 90 mph 15 hcp Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft (check the Mizzy website here) Regular Flex, 9.5 or 10.5d
  11. The Wife Called...."You working Hard today my Love?" "Killing It My love, just killing it! "
  12. I was out of the game for about 5 years until last Summer (2017). At that point I got the lead out of my butt and took a hard look at my bag. Not bad clubs, but everything 10+ years old. Gave 'em all to my son and started over Aug 2017. Technology had come such a long way. Going to be Driver Shopping every 3-4 years I think, Irons no more than 5, wedges maybe 2 years, depends on how much I play (my wedges get a ton of work, I miss a LOT of greens!), and I don't change putters unless they break, so my new Odyssey will be with me a looooong time I suspect.
  13. Loving this forum! Hope the following isn't too deep for a Friday! In August 1983 a collegiate tennis career was cut short by 4 little words: "You've got bone cancer". So the doc told me, at the tender age of 22 that my running, jumping, stair-climbing days were over. "We can save your leg, but it won't be good for much. You might be on a cane, or crutches forever" So, after a life defined by my athletic abilities, what did I have left? A doc, of course, went straight to "Hey, you should try golf! If you can stand up and hit the ball, of course". So, I "tried" golf. And have had a love, love relationship with it ever since. I'm still pretty gimpy, but I get my handicap down to 12-15 when I play regularly. Fortunately, when I took up golf I had a 10 year old baby brother who mom BEGGED me to get out of the house, so I would take him with me to the driving range. He stuck with it, ended up getting a golf scholarship to take him through college and kept his "2" now into his 40's. "Changed my life, golf did" he's told me more than once. Last summer I ditched all my clubs (probably had 20-21 in my bag!) and bought all new, with an eye on helping cover up my infirmities. Now I'm out there weekly, practicing, learning. At 56 I feel like I have a ton of improvement left, and Baby Brother is a great teacher, makes time for a round with me every few weeks. Happy to be here! Mike.
  14. First name: Mike Home State/Province/Country: Louisiana, USA ​Do you use performance tracking? NO, but it's time for me to start. Do you use a GPS watch? NO, only my trusty Leopold Which ones? N/A
  15. Welcome to the forums mbertaut :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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