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  1. I have a Sony 4K 65” tv with multiple HDMI inputs, a Yamaha 4K compatible receiver, a 500 mbps internet connection and a Apple TV 4k. My modem is near my tv so everything is hardwired for the fastest speeds in my living room. I connect the Apple TV to the receiver and pass it through to my tv. My tv won’t accept an incoming 4k signal on the HDMI 1 port for some reason so it is hooked into the HDMI 2 port on the tv and I run all apps including Directv Now through the Apple TV. We also have a cheap roku tv in the upstairs bedroom we run on WiFi. I wish I was set up for a stronger signal in the bedroom so I’d like to fix that but we aren’t doing any heavy watching in there. That tv is only a 32” 720 hd tv so 4K isn’t a concern in there. It only buffers if I’m doing any heavy internet searching on my iPad and the 5g WiFi signal in there is weak. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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