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  1. I understand that most things are market controlled, but the rising prices reminds me of when I was younger. Back then golf was a rich mans sport. I’m starting to see the signs of that coming back. Golf wants to keep expanding and they want everyone to be able to play. That has always been the problem, it was too expensive for the average person to play. You will always have upper middle class and the rich playing, but if they want the average person to take up golf and play and grow the game, price will always be a concern. There isn’t as much lower end equipment now and large companies buy up smaller ones and stop producing. Adams, northwestern etc are some. I’m seeing courses closing in my area, private courses as well, because their aren’t enough people out there willing to ponie up the money. Golf courses and manufacturers need to be conscious of this.
  2. Carl North Kingstown, RI I am 66 years old and just had a new knee replacement. I walk all my rounds, over 100 a year. A Motocaddy would be great!
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