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  1. What is the stock shaft? The Miazaki or however it's spelled.
  2. This is what it suggested I go with as well. What are your initial thoughts on the driver? And I totally understand the shaft conundrum. It took me so long to find a shaft I really liked for my current driver. A lot of trial and error (and $$).
  3. Thanks. I just saw rule number 2 in the classifieds forum: 2. Sorry but only used items can be posted. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't crossing any lines before I posted. Appreciate the reply!
  4. Well, if I were to keep it, I'd want to showcase it somehow. Right now it is taking up space in one of 3 bags of spare/extra clubs, which, by the way, are taking up a little too much room in my DC apartment and will also be finding their way onto this forum soon. My girlfriend won't let me turn the master bedroom into the golf storage room for some reason...haven't figured that out yet. Hmmm...
  5. One question before I post anything further: Can I post an autographed item here? It is not a used club, but it is not a retail/new item either. I have a Sergio signed driver I received from a PGA Tour Superstore contest and just don't have the room for it in the den/collection. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  6. I need to take a moment to follow up on my original post. Not long after posting this yesterday, Adam (GolfSpy_X) called me to discuss. After that conversation, and after tooling around with the True Golf Fit program a bit more, my apprehensions have been assuaged. For his part, he openly discussed the shortcomings of the app, in particular the need to better explain how decisions are reached. But boiling down a TON of numerical data into easily-digestible sentences/explanations is a very labor and time-intensive project that is a whole other beast of burden for the algorithm. As I think about what is involved with this in my head, I completely understand this. I mean, what does having a 107 mph swing speed mean when picking out a club head? Even seasoned fitters might have trouble putting that into words. And since most people are accessing this on a mobile device, this conundrum becomes even trickier, as brevity is highly valued on smaller devices. Bottom line: I'm confident the app did incredible work to come up with MY best recommendation. As he explained the process of what the app does with the data we input and the tomes of data it scours, I was assured the suggestions it was pulling were very accurately based on the swing data I entered, meaning, if I was honest in my entering of the data, the app used MY swing to come up with a recommendation, not a generic sampling of sings similar to mine. As I said, Adam knows there is more to be done. He was really receptive to my feedback,, and I am sure he would welcome yours as well. At the end of the day, and I think Adam would agree, there is nothing like actually getting out and trying a club. Personally, I will sacrifice a couple yards in distance to ensure that I am comfortable and at ease over a club. That said, I am confident in the numbers and the suggestion TGF gave me and I am looking forward to giving my recommendation a whirl. Adam, thanks again for calling. Everyone else, if you are looking for the right driver for you, give TGF a try.
  7. So, both in an attempt to become more involved with this site and to supply a little feedback on my TrueGolfFit fitting, I was hoping to use this post a little like a product review. Please, call me out if this is not kosher with the group and I will take the post down. In the meantime, however, here goes. DISCLAIMER: This may sound negative up front, but it comes around toward the end. When I got the email, I was both intrigued and rather excited to give this a try. There is a local fitter here in the DC area I take all my 'work' to (I tinker a lot, but don't have a workshop of my own). I have been entertaining the idea of getting a fitting, but it simply hasn't been in the budget. Having spoken with him about the process and referring a couple friends to him I knew this to be a fairly lengthy and in-depth process. This leads me to my first observation: The questions asked did not inspire confidence in the suggestions it supplied. Admittedly, I do not recall the exact questions that were asked, but I found them to be rather simplistic/generic. I am well aware I was not going to get a fitting experience like the one I would have gotten in his shop, but I expected something more thorough. The TrueGolfFit process reminded me of the Titleist ball fitting app thing from a while back that would ask a couple simple questions about your game and then spit out a recommendation. The biggest difference here is that there are a LOT more drivers out there than Titleist offers balls. Stemming from this, I was a bit skeptical of the entire process when I saw it was only $7. This seemed way to cheap to get a solid driver "fitting." Though, from a business perspective, it was a great price to get me to try it. Also, I am not so naive to think that a $7 driver fitting with no swings required would send me home with TrackMan data and adjustable weight settings. But this brings me to my second point. There is no explanation of why it recommended the drivers it did. I would have liked to see something more. Maybe a suggested loft or something with a brief description of how it translated my answers into its recommendations. For instance, in my fitting, it recommended a Srixon Z565 driver, saying it would add 19+ yards and be 10% more accurate (photo attached). To what is this data compared? Are these just ideal settings? Also, the day I get one out there 318 is the day...something miraculous happens. (Sorry, blanked on that one) All that said, my intrigue remained. I think I am going to try the Global Golf U Try program and test this Srixon out. I have been a Titleist loyalist for the most part, but I am willing to give it a shot. I appreciate the data that has been collected and has supposedly gone into suggesting this driver for me, so why not? Overall, I am not upset or anything with my fitting. I just want to know why and how it fit me to this driver. And, at $7, I actually feel like I got what I paid for. No frills. No bells. No whistles. And atg the end of the day, I'm tempted to give my recommendation a try. So, I will try to follow up with this post when I get my hands on the Srixon and give it a ride or two. We shall see how well this thing "fit" me for a driver. What are everyone else's thoughts on True Golf Fit? Have you tried it? Have you tried the recommended driver? Did you like the fit? All the best, Kyle
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