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  2. Been playing a combination of Pro V1, Pro V1x and TP5. A few years ago I bought like 100 Pro V1/V1x's off ebay so still trying to use them up. Had a gift card to Dick's sporting goods earlier this year so bought a box of the TP5's. So far I've like them. Once I run out of everything, I will probably try a few other options out but so far no complaints with the TP5's.
  3. If you play in tournaments then yes it's illegal but if not then who really cares? A buddy of mine always plays Pinnacle off the tee and then TP5x on every other shot. It doesn't bother me any.
  4. I currently have a 3 wood and then a 21 deg hybrid. I rarely use my 3 wood because I'm just not consistent with it. If I'm not trusting my driver or its a short tight hole, then I just use 5 iron or hybrid off the tee. My new set of irons doesn't have a 3 iron, going to replace that with a 50 deg wedge instead. Now debating on which 2 of the 4 do I get. 3 wood, 5 wood, driving iron, or hybrid.
  5. Yeah that definitely makes sense.
  6. I did not, just AP2 and AP3. Then also hit P790's, Ping i200, and a Mizuno iron but can't remember which model.
  7. I tried out the AP2 and AP3's during my fitting a couple months ago and not sure why but I kept hitting almost every shot fat with the AP3's. It could have just been pure luck that my bad swings happened when I was swinging the AP3's but I just hit the AP2's so much more pure. I'm only an 11-13 handicap but the AP2's work for me. Not the longest club in the world as they are more traditionally lofted but they feel great.
  8. I hear you on this. For me it's the wife as well. I'm lucky if I play once a week, it's usually about 2 times per month and every time I get grief for it. Trying to play as much as I can now before the kids start playing sports. Oldest is almost 3 and youngest is 6 months so I only have a year or 2 before all my free time is gone. I don't have a problem with golfing less for the kids and would gladly give up my hobby to watch their sporting events but right now it's nice to still have a hobby. I try to explain to my wife that I don't fish, hunt, run marathons, play slow pitch softball, or any other major hobbies that most of my friend/co-workers have and golf is my 1 thing but she doesn't seem to care. So I feel you struggles man lol
  9. - Adam - Kansas - Titleist AP2 in KBS Tour stiff flex - 165 yards Sharp looking club, would love to compare them to a more player's type iron in my AP2's and give a full review.
  10. I had never even heard of the Oncore before I watched the video. I currently play Pro V1's and just recently bought a box of TP5's. Would like to also try the Chrome Soft, Bridgestone and Srixon's before season is over. Never played Srixon but have heard good things and damn that $20 per dozen price is tough to beat.
  11. I prefer the laser rangefinder. Bought my first one this spring (Precision Pro NX7) and have loved it so far. I feel like I can swing my wedges so much more confidently knowing the exact distances. I have used the Bushnell Neo Ghost which if I remember right gives you front/mid/back distances and I also use The Grint and Golfshot GPS app. If you have a blind shot I will use the phone GPS app, it also helps with carry distances to bunkers or water but everything else I prefer laser. I will use it to shoot trees or objects at the edge of fairway, I also use it a lot on the range.
  12. I use my Cobra Baffler 21 degree hybrid a lot. A course I play a lot I use it off the tee on 4 or 5 different holes. Back when I had a 3 iron I definitely trusted the hybrid more then my 3. I just recently bought a new iron set and it's only 4 iron through PW. Trying to decide how to finish off the longer clubs in my bag. Currently have a 15 degree Titleist 3 wood from about 10 years ago or more and then the Cobra hybrid which is also about 10 years old or more. The 2 iron or driving iron just looks so awesome when you see a better player hit one but at my current handicap level (13.9) I'm not sure it's for me. Will probably get another 3 or 5 wood and then another hybrid. I really need to fix my wedge setup. My PW is a 46 and then next wedge is a 54 then 60. Just too big of gap between 54 and 46. Between 100 yds and 130 is tough.
  13. First name/home state or province: Adam, Kansas Current driver/shaft combo: Titleist D2, Aldila Rogue Max 65-S Swing speed/handicap: 105-110mph, 13 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft: 9.5, MCA Tensei Blue
  14. Another great video from TXG. The only bad thing about their videos is it's going to make me have way too high of expectations for any club fittings I do.
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