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  1. Michael Pinehurst, NC i walk almost every round I use a 3 wheel click gear. One of the guys in my group has a remote controlled cart. I would love to compare this one to his
  2. Handicap 7, Pinehurst, NC Mizuno Mx900, 8 iron 155yds in the North Carolina Heat, 150 yds on avg day, 145 yds in the winter. What i know about sub 70 is they are a direct to costumer site, making clubs and having great customer service.
  3. Michael Maddalena Pinehurst, NC i practice my putting indoors almost daily for about 15-30min on my homemade putting carpet indoors. i 3 putt about 2x per round. It is one of the weakest parts of my game. the thing I am most excited about for the Exputt is the ability to practice my lag putting at home at night. Being the father of 4 boys it is hard to find time to practice during the daylight hours as I am usually at a sports function. This would allow me to spend those 30 min nightly addressing my weakness will allow me to drop my handicap that has been stuck from 6-
  4. - Michael - Pinehurst, NC - 6.8 - Titleist 755 - Titleist T-100
  5. Michael/ North Carolina Adams Cb3 50*, Titleist Vokey 54*, Malby 60* B XW-1 50*, 54*, 60*
  6. Welcome to the forums smmaddalena :)


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