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  1. New here but have had a skytrak for 2 years now and find it a great tool when wanting to golf indoors. I bought the projector and cage with screen and all the stuff but in the end I just use it mostly as a tool to grab date from shots into my net and enjoy watching ball flight on a 50" tv I have to jacked into. Use with just an ipad a lot too. A few missed shots but when I utilize the available info about ball placement it is pretty darn good. Sometimes have increased misses with yellow range balls when I take it there, assume they are lower contrast vs newer white balls at home.
  2. Bought my first set of clubs, Zing 2's in the mid to late 90's and found that my many other hobbies would not leave me with enough focus to take on this game. Also I was far to impatient to make it through the long learning curve and just did not have the necessary calm disposition for it at that time. Sold those clubs to a good friend 10 years later thinking of them as going obsolete. Another ten years later and I bought them back again "he never used them" and began to get really interested with my barely used zing 2's. I hacked at the ball a good bit in 2016 and also bought a new set of t
  3. Welcome to the forums Ridetoeat :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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