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  1. Frank/Jerome i phone outdoors no
  2. Frank/ Jerome I phone outdoors no
  3. Frank / Jerome, MI 12 wide Inesis (Decathalon) Comfort which comes with keeping my feet warm and dry. (waterproof)
  4. Frank Jerome,MI Callaway Maverik 105-110 Tsi2
  5. Frank / Jerome MI 8 Titlest SM7 Nothing appeals to me about a raw wedge. I would like to quantify the difference if there is any.
  6. Frank, Jerome MI Carpet with a 3 foot metal ruler I would like the medium speed mat with any of the confgurations
  7. Frank/Jerome,MI/USA 2 ball blade with the white line. The look does it for me,
  8. Frank Jerome, MI 10 Handicap Cleveland CG 16
  9. I am a 10 handicap Jerome MI Cleveland cg16 8 iron 160 Only heard of the clubs from your podcast
  10. Frank Jerome ,MI Yes. Bushnell Bushnell
  11. Looks interesting. I practice on different types of surfaces for practice sessions.
  12. Jerome,Michigan 8 HC Draw line with an aid Titlest Pro v1
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