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  1. The rule is fine and it does not need to be changed, but...... If anything, the limit should be increased for the sake of golf manufacturers to sell more clubs and give the casual player more options. If I am walking a course, depending on its length, I can get away with 9-12 clubs without much concern of not being able to play any shot and I try to keep the bag as light as possible.....but whe I ride in a cart, I do not have the weight issue to deal with and I may at times bring the full bag plus extra clubs that I take to the range with me to practice.....extra clubs like wedges, hybrid and driver...lest not forget I will always carry two putters as well. Unless you are playing in a tournament, if you can play by the rules of golf in principle, as a gentleman, you should be able to declare the 14 clubs you intend to play with for a score....or for your nassau bet.
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