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  1. 1. Larry - Redwood Falls, MN 2. 14 Handicap, 105 swing speed 3. Currently playing Titleist 917 D2 at a 8.5 degree 4. G410 Plus I am looking to keep my ball flight and spin lower. Thank you for the opportunity.
  2. I played a few different balls this year such as the Snell MTB Red, Vice Tour, and Taylormade Project a. I was attempting to find a ball that was a little less expensive. I struggled all year with the flight of my driver. It seemed as if I was hitting it very high with a lot of spin. I found an AVX on the course with no scuffs and played it for a while. The AVX does give me a lower flight off the tee and I seem to be more accurate. The accuracy could be from me playing a little more, but I have a new found confidence in the driver that wasn't there earlier this year. I will continue to play this ball knowing that around the greens it does not check up like others I have played. Adjusting my short game has been the easiest solution. I wish they were a little less expensive, but maybe I am getting what I pay for.
  3. First Name: Larry State: Minnesota Current Driver/Shaft: Titleist 917D3 with 9.5 loft, Shaft is Stiff Flex Fujikura Speeder Pro TS 74 Fit for Driver: No
  4. Larry Minnesota 12 Ping IBlade - right handed - black dot - AWT 2.0 stiff shaft I recently picked up the game again and started laying the Ping IBlades. These irons are great, but I am missing the distance I once had. I would like to test the i500s to see if the reviews and rumors are accurate.
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