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  1. Tough to know for sure but I would think a lower spinning ball such as prov1x left dash would be beneficial in windy conditions
  2. I have had the cobra King 3 utility for about 7 months now and let me say this thing is an absolute weapon. However, the shaft durability leaves alot to be desired. I have a high swing speed (125-130 with driver) and this shaft has splintered/broke right above the adapter(pic attached) three times in 7 months. Cobra has been great about replacing but the constant worry of the shaft breaking and having to deal with waiting for a new one to come in has been painful. That being said when the shaft isnt broken the club hits missiles, its easy for me to flight it down and hit a stinger off the tee (go to shot with it) or hit a higher flighted shot when necessary. The club itself is forgiving enough and gives you confidence standing over the top of it with a slightly thicker top edge. I also find it easy enough to shape the ball with a draw or fade when need be. The loft adjustability is a bonus as well, I have the 19.5 degree 3 cranked down to 18.5, with the ability to go up and down 1.5 degrees this club can be adjusted based on how youll use it on different courses. If you're in the market for a UDI this is definitely one to take a look at, but would recommend going a different shaft route than the stock catalyst, especially if you have a high swing speed
  3. Parker Mason City, IA Current Driver in Play- Cobra Speedback F9 Handicap 8 Swing Speed 125-130 TSi3
  4. Parker /Mason City, IA Handicap 8 Cleveland rtx3 Spin factor with the rusting of the raw wedges
  5. Parker/Iowa Handicap- 10 Ping i210 Carry Distance of 7i- 185 yards
  6. Parker Mason city, Iowa USA Handicap- 8 Ping i2s black dot, X-stiff shaft i500
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