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    on one, i have used the MGS site for club info etc
  1. John Ontario Nike Method model 001 (35") Strength Strong lag putter, i feel i don't one putt enough, but I rarely 3 putt.
  2. John from Ontario Handicap 8, Driver swing speed 98 MPH Ping G LST 10.5* Tour 65 S Epic Flash Sub Zero 10.5* SW D3 44.75" Hzrdus Smoke Black 70g Stiff I come from a engineering backgorund and now work in the Investment industry. Very detailed, i'm used to writing lots of detailed reports and proposals. I have a great deal of interest in golf club design and specs and how they relate to feel and performance, i have really educated myself over the last 10 years in the area of club works etc. I really enjoy it. I feel this test review would further
  3. John Ontario 8 H/C Swing speed 98 - 100 mph (depending on the weather) Ping G LST 10.5* Tour 65 shaft stiff (45") Would love to review and test the G410 Plus jw
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