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  1. Your first name- Joseph - State- NC - Your Handicap- 12 GHIN verified - The model and distance you hit your current 7 iron- Ping G with Oban CT115 shaft stiff flex, 175
  2. First Name/City, State Joseph, Charlestown, MA and Charlotte,NC Handicap/SS 13 Current hybrid model Played 2015 Big Bertha OS 22 degree recoil shaft 2017 Exotic 17 degree used as a driving hybrid, aftermarket patterson shaft What loft you think you would choose and why ......22 degree, to replace the current 22 degree I have. I hit that club very solid and have considered replacing it before but have not made the leap yet. I would like to try more exotic products because they have a great price point and I have been told by several people they make some of the best hybrids and woods in the game. The 17 degree CBX I have is a monster but I only hit it off the tee box. I want to see the launch and distance gains from the turf. My 4 hybrid gets pulled for a variety of shots, not just for an occasional blast down the fairway on a short par 5.
  3. Joseph C. NC and MA Bobby Grace Shiloh with toe hang and a BGT stability shaft Worked on my putting consistently over the last year using a eye-line and various drills have nearly eliminated 3 putts even when have a not so great ball striking round. One of my favorite thing to practice.
  4. Callaway Epic 9 degree project X 6.0 GHIN 13 Boston, MA and Charlotte,NC 100-105 mph swing speed 135-150 mph ball speed have played the epic for about 3 years. Not loving it. Got fitted into a high end shaft at a high end club fitter spent roughly 4 times what the exotics cost. Own one of their CBX hybrids which I love and bomb. Very interested in this. Plus I feel like it’s a time for a change.
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