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  1. Joseph C. - Silver Spring, MD - 13 GHIN - Ping G with Oban Ct115 S shafts - T-100s
  2. Name and Location- Joe C Silver Spring Maryland and Charlotte North Carolina How do you currently get your yardages? Range finder from top brand that jolts when it contacts the pin How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? I think there is a solid need especially for yardage. I think the apps are not great you get on smartphones hince why I use a range finder. I think the most important thing is to find something that you like, use it and it only, and that will keep your results consistent.
  3. Your first name- Joseph - State- NC - Your Handicap- 12 GHIN verified - The model and distance you hit your current 7 iron- Ping G with Oban CT115 shaft stiff flex, 175
  4. First Name/City, State Joseph, Charlestown, MA and Charlotte,NC Handicap/SS 13 Current hybrid model Played 2015 Big Bertha OS 22 degree recoil shaft 2017 Exotic 17 degree used as a driving hybrid, aftermarket patterson shaft What loft you think you would choose and why ......22 degree, to replace the current 22 degree I have. I hit that club very solid and have considered replacing it before but have not made the leap yet. I would like to try more exotic products because they have a great price point and I have been told by several people they make some of the best hybrids and woods in the game. The 17 degree CBX I have is a monster but I only hit it off the tee box. I want to see the launch and distance gains from the turf. My 4 hybrid gets pulled for a variety of shots, not just for an occasional blast down the fairway on a short par 5.
  5. Joseph C. NC and MA Bobby Grace Shiloh with toe hang and a BGT stability shaft Worked on my putting consistently over the last year using a eye-line and various drills have nearly eliminated 3 putts even when have a not so great ball striking round. One of my favorite thing to practice.
  6. Callaway Epic 9 degree project X 6.0 GHIN 13 Boston, MA and Charlotte,NC 100-105 mph swing speed 135-150 mph ball speed have played the epic for about 3 years. Not loving it. Got fitted into a high end shaft at a high end club fitter spent roughly 4 times what the exotics cost. Own one of their CBX hybrids which I love and bomb. Very interested in this. Plus I feel like it’s a time for a change.
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