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  1. The S60 is a beauty. I was about to purchase one then Garmin released the S40. I'm waiting until the S40 is available in my region.
  2. 1. Joseph Bagaoisan BC, Canada 40 - 70 Rounds per year 2. Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest 3. Handicap: 19 Swing Speed: 97 mph 4. Current Set: Cobra F7 Driver Cobra F7 3-4 fairway Nike slingshot 6.0 4H, 5 - SW Cobra tour wedge 56° 5. Desired Cobra Set King F9 clubs: right hand Driver: loft 10.5° with HZRDUS Smoke 60 - stiff flex Fairway: 3-4 F - stiff flex Fairway: 5-6 F- stiff flex Hybrid: 3H, 4H - stiff flex Irons: 5 - GW, steel shaft Wedges: 52°, 56°, 60° Versatile grind Ultralight Cart Bag - black orange
  3. Have you used a GPS watch such as Garmin S10, S20 and S60. Did you have any good experiences on these devices? Any suggestions? I'm contemplating on getting one because of the convenience of checking your wrist for yardage in lieu of a range finder. I've seen a lot of mix reviews but i wanted to see what are your thoughts on this.
  4. 1. Joseph - BC, Canada 2. Handicap: 28 Driver swing speed: 93mph 3. Current driver: Cobra King F7 4. Would like to review the Epic Flash Sub Zero. I am curious to see if this will help me hit the ball a lot farther.
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