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  1. This looks like a great product for practicing! 1. Andrew - Centreville, VA 2. Have a carpet with lines in my basement and a putting cup. So practicing putting along the line is my go to. 3. None at home. Only the putting surfaces as those big box stores. Always make putts on those! somehow it doesn't translate to real greens... 4. Typical courses I play at 10-11 on the Stimp. so Medium. Thanks!
  2. Andrew C / Centreville, VA Typically practice 2/3 times a week about half an hour at a time. Average 2 ish 3 putts per round. Sucks! usually a GIR just far from the pin. First lag putt is no good. As a stats person, I am particularly interested to see my putter path and how it relates to impact angle. Also would like to see if I am adding any extra loft at delivery which may impact my speed control on those long putts. I have a lined carpet in my basement that I practice on, and putting down the line typically is my strong point. But distance control is something us weekend golfers don't get to practice as much. Thanks guys for the opportunity!
  3. Andrew - Virginia Nike Method Core MC 02 w Bettinardi putters continue to define the pure art form of putters while infusing with cutting edge technological advancement. Fun to consider trying out a new putting style!
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