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  1. Steve Johnson City, Tennessee I play approximately 100+ rounds per year and walk approximately 30 of those. I currently carry my clubs, however due to my age, I have seriously considered purchasing a motocaddy. If I’m jumping into the push cart realm, I’m skipping the pushcart and going straight to the motorized options.
  2. BSteve - Steve Johnson City, TN currently gaming the Mizuno MP-18 wedges. would love to test Zipcore 52, 56, or 60.
  3. Steve Price - Tennessee i am currently using a glitchy Garmin Approach S62 which has some terrific features and some very cumbersome features. I also have a Garmin Approach S20 which is very easy to use, but quite elementary in the features department. I would love the opportunity to compare these and my TecTec laser sight to this new Skycaddy GPS.
  4. Steve Johnson City, TN 108 swing speed currently use Titleist AVX and Snell MTB-X
  5. Hi MGS, I would love the opportunity to use the Cleveland Frontline putter. I really have used all types of putters. However, I tend to do best with like the mallet putter with the wings..... or the #7 style mallet. I have historically picked great lines, but just tend to miss align the putters sights with the line I actually want to hit. I currently use a Scotty Phantom X 6S. I have had much success some days, but I’m never really comfortable that the sites on the putter is truly aligned with the line I actually want to hit. So, I would love the opportunity to test the Cleveland putters
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