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  1. We are in the bag. Few layup hints for the player. Teeing off at 1:30, Scottish, and past champion at the Valero Texas Open. Guns up!
  2. Agreed. One of the things we are doing on our side being an online company is taking photos at address and face on with the ball so you can get a feel for the perportions. Yes, we have our own mills in the shop so you could do zero offset if you want that milled. I’ll track down the heel to toe number for you.
  3. Nothing too abrasive, as you may notice we kinda dig simplicity and clean lines. The one we have in the works now has a good amount of surface area to look down at, lots of geometry to be very target oriented and some adjustable weight on the sides. First one we have done in multi material and we think it will be a very welcome design in a crowded space of pretty wild looking mallets
  4. Very cool, new line has a much more traditional weight, thinned the top line down on the Ringo, sharpened the bumpers. Overall felt like the Ringo and the Holliday needed to be more distinct from each other, here is a shot of it in shiny black oxide. Production model will be stainless
  5. Working on a site overhaul, some model names have changed. We do have the masterson out, heal weighted blade available on the builder and finished putters ready to ship, will have a mid mallet type and another thinner blade model. Excited for our Carbondale - long neck Holiday limited release.
  6. Not that you have thought about it at all.... got some mallets coming, I’ll perhaps that will be the next post!
  7. I know him pretty well, I’m sure he would be glad to support it just playing it safe for now. Believe me if we get some TV time we will freak out and post it everwhere lol.
  8. Glad to hear it. No going back now on the bandit!
  9. Should have included more details.. so there is no commitment, we just have a good shot at the bag. There is no money or contracts exchanging hands. We overnighted the putters to him yesterday. It may not be realistic to be in this week but feel optimistic we have a chance.
  10. Really appreciate you taking a chance on us and still gaming it.
  11. Sure I’ll do my best. The line you see on the bottom goes about 2/3 depth of the putter face. They have been called floating faces or sound slots. Most do this for a louder sound feedback. The slot we cut is twice the width as Normal and we we’re looking to do that to loose weight because the player did not want to change the fundamental geometry of the head.
  12. Few confessions before I get started: 1. This is my first post 2. I am one of the three founders of Carbon Putters 3. If I am promoting, I apologize - totally get it if this gets taken down. 4. Always respected the forums. There has been some nice things said about us - some not so nice things. Some of the fair, some of them I can't say are a reality. Does not happen much on this forum though. 5. Yes, manufacturers look at what golf equipment degenerates like you are saying about our brands. It can be painful and rewarding but I feel like staying on the sidelines and just observing may have been the right play in the past, but feel like I want to be available if anyone has questions or anything about the happenings at Carbon. Alright, on to the fun stuff. Last week, spent some time in Scottsdale with a 3-time tour winner who is looking at some new putter options and wanted to share the experience. Can't really say who it is, because quite honestly I am ignorant of what obligations he has to his manufacturer and I don't want to put him in a tough spot. We went to TPC Scottsdale and if you have ever had the chance to play it, you might have noticed there is a back range and two putting surfaces, what I did not know is that there are different grasses on those two surfaces so the tour players can practice on both as the year transitions and they change surfaces. Pretty slick, both were really pure. In prep, we put together 6 putters at his spec to test out, he plays them quite log so I brought out some more head shapes we have been working on but did not have time to lengthen the shafts or make any alterations to accommodate it. We had head weights ranging from 330 grams to 375 - honestly it was a bit of a shot in the dark because I did not have a ton of information on his current putter to try and replicate - we did a pretty good job finding a match to his current, but we cut it a half an inch too short - and that was a bit devastating because he holds it right at the top of the grip so it was a bit awkward for him to adjust. He had only seen a few heads that we sent a couple of years back, they were all far to heavy for him to take seriously but it was good to get that feedback and honesty. What I thought would be about 45 minutes turned into about 2 hours of putting. going through a bunch of heads and talking through what he liked and did not like. Along the way educating him how we do things slightly differently but we are passionate that it makes a big difference, especially to someone who is such an elite player. I honestly feel like at the start, it was a gratuitous meeting that he felt somewhat obligated to do, but when he started rolling them he was genuinely interested. Just when I thought we were about to wrap up, I showed him the Ringo Wide - a really heavy version of it that I did not think he would like because we just got done talking about how his ideal head weight was in the 330 - 345 range, plus this one was at normal playing length. But he liked the look, started rolling it and that's the one he asked us to go back to the shop with and make some iterations. 345. The main difference is the thickness of the top line but there are some subtle differences in the depth of milling in particular areas to dial in the weight exactly to those specs. Attached are the pictures of the final product. Wish us luck, this is our first chance at the big show. l
  13. I saw it at Bandon also and it looked awesome, hopefully, someone will chime in and say if it is any good. Looked quality in person and probably would have purchased it but how am I going to get two bags in the travel case? Always found it funny that destination courses sell golf bags - but I guess some have the ability to just trash their old one. I am between this one and the stitch but I am leaning towards this one because of the dual strap.
  14. What's up MGS - this is James from Carbon - Wanted to join up and contribute. Not really sure if I will be accepted here because I am one of the three founders of Carbon Putters - But, thought I would give it a try. If I get kicked out, no big deal. Not here to self promote, I know this is one of the spots my fellow golf degenerates dwell and thought I would join up. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Started playing competitive at 9, not long after I started playing at all. My handicap is a +1, I play my home course great, so my handicap does not travel all that well though. What do you love about golf? Mostly the friends made, the relationships built. I even married a cart girl! I like practicing just as much as playing. It's a great escape now, it used to be my competitive outlet. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I do know some spies! Got to meet Tony at a Nike industry event, Got to know Barbajo at that same event. Known Adam even before he revealed his identity. Recently met Chis. Kinda strange, the forum members I know are from being our valued customers at Carbon - but have had a chance to get to know a few of the people who work so hard on the site. Where are you from? What is your home course? I am from Denver, grew up playing South Suburban GC. Public course rat. Fortunate to have played in the CGA for years who books some really nice courses in Colorado. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Pretty short season really, the weather is better than you would think but the course conditions are not awesome for all that long. Denver is honestly not that great of a golf town if we are being honest, it is really expensive to play for not the highest quality of tracks. Best thing is the lack of humidity, can play when it is really hot and not be that miserable. What do you do for a living? Sell metal How’d you pick your user name? Well...
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