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  1. GolfSpy MPR

    Plaid's Swing Speed Is Just Fine

    I have to ask: what did that sound and feel like?
  2. GolfSpy MPR

    Merry Christmas MGS Forum

    We took the pictures in the church building following Sunday services. The dog, for all her many virtues, is incapable of sitting nicely in the service and listening to me preach. So she wasn't there.
  3. GolfSpy MPR

    Twin Cities (MSP) Top Golf

    I'll be headed to the Minneapolis area to teach a seminary class from January 8–11. There's a Topgolf in Brooklyn Center. Is there any interest in getting a group of Spies together one evening that week? For my part, either Tuesday or Thursday is probably best.
  4. GolfSpy MPR


    I'm also using the site on a phone now, and it looks like signatures don't appear in the mobile site. Poking around to see if there's any option to turn them on, but it makes sense that they're off on a smaller screen.
  5. GolfSpy MPR

    Merry Christmas MGS Forum

    My wife doesn't want me posting our Christmas card on Facebook before we send them out. But I think I'm safe here Merry Christmas, guys!
  6. GolfSpy MPR

    Plaid's Swing Speed Is Just Fine

    Need to switch to a ball with softer compression than granite.
  7. GolfSpy MPR

    P2 Grips

    You'd be looking for the Tour line: same shape, lighter weight. The Aware Tour is 55g: https://p2grips.com/shop-putter-grips/p2-aware-tour/
  8. GolfSpy MPR

    Basement green and putter shootout

    Playing with a gadget, looking for feedback. I've got a camera that takes 360° photos and video. Trying to figure out how to share the photos here. Here's a Facebook link to a photo of my putting area: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157353000636393&id=586016392&sfnsn=cl I'm interested to know if this works for anyone.
  9. GolfSpy MPR

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    Thanks for giving me my very first job. So I've got my first merge under my belt. Hoping it's a long time until my first ban
  10. Mike, welcome the forum. Top notch first post there! I can certainly say that doing the protocols in a group like this helps a lot on the days when you just don't feel like it. So welcome aboard, and we'll be looking forward to following your progress!
  11. Another week in the books here. I'd characterize as a week of consolidating gains: That said, I had a highlight worth mentioning. I love those last three swings, where you challenge yourself to go all out and see what you can hit. I'd been swinging really well today, and so I got to the last three and really wanted to grab a 130 average for the first time. First swing: 133. Awesome. Second swing: 127. OK, now I've got some work. Third swing: 134! Yes! That's a really good feeling to have a target and hit it like that. At the risk of sounding like the jerk who asks whether you inhale or exhale at impact (truly not my intention here): do you do your protocols with or without imagining a ball in front of you?
  12. GolfSpy MPR

    2019 Golf objectives

    I broke 80 this past season, and I'd definitely like to make that a more regular occurrence. Chiefly, I'd like to trend down toward a single-digit handicap. That's going to require two things. The first is a better game off the tee: GameGolf tells me I'm barely clearing 200 yards on my average tee shot. So I'm currently doing the SuperSpeed protocols with sticks I built for about $30. I've seen some pretty remarkable speed gains thus far; we'll need to see how they transition to the course once I can hit balls again. The second improvement is going to have to be in my short game. I think I need to get in on the daily 100 chips idea, or at least something like it. I'm also hoping that a couple of side projects will help me bankroll a SkyTrak. If that happens, I want to use it (among other things) to dial in wedge feels for distances. My parents just bought a house up here in the UP, so I'll get to play with my dad much more often this summer. I think we're planning to play as league partners. And Kirke will be old enough this year for his first attempt at Drive, Chip, and Putt. So this is going to be a great summer for family golf.
  13. Rev, I saw the picture first without the description, and my first thought was, "Oh no, another radar bit the dust!" I've done back-to-back workouts before, when scheduling demanded it. Typically, I've ended up going early the first day, then afternoon the second day, just to space them out a bit. Can't say that I saw any ill effects.
  14. GolfSpy MPR

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    It is a great privilege to be chosen to be moderator here at MyGolfSpy. I've been an active member here for just over a year now, and am convinced that this is the world's best golf forum. Most of the time, the moderators here are regulated to Maytag repair duty, at least as it relates to moderating conversations, simply because we have such a great community. But that frees us up to plan ideas to continue to improve and expand the forum. So I'm glad to be at your service! My current Twitter account is @mpatrickriley. I've also reserved @GolfSpyMPR, which I'll use exclusively for golf-related stuff (if you're not interested in theology and my kids).
  15. GolfSpy MPR

    Vokey Offers Custom Tour Grind Options To The Public

    I'm not going to be that guy, not entirely. People can buy what they wish, and I don't begrudge either them or Bob Vokey for catering to that market. It's just difficult for me to wrap my mind around the idea of a price like this for the clubs in your bag that is most likely to experience performance loss due to wear and tear. The guy whose interested in a handground wedge, I'd assume, is the same guy who's swapping out wedges twice a year to keep his spin rates up. That'll add up in a hurry