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  1. OK, in my last update, I observed the 1.5 drop in my skills assessment handicap over three attempts. I said that that pace wasn't likely to continue. It didn't. Today, I dropped from 8.1 to a 4.4! So many thoughts right now. First, golf season needs to start. Now. Unforturnately, the snow in our yard is still a couple feet deep. There's no way we're golfing for at least another month. On the plus side, there's time to get better. On the minus side, there's time to get worse Second, I'm epecially stoked about the consistency of my scores today. It's not a mix of great and poor scores; everything is right there in my target range. Third, the weakest facet of the skills assessment is that you get to hit multiple consecutive shots into the same target. There were a handful of distances in which my first attempt was either very left or fatted, and then I saved my score by making adjustments. That's not real golf. I'm going to suggest to SkyTrak that they allow all 50 shots (10 distances, 5 shots at each) to be randomized. Fourth, even with that, the pressure is real, and that is awesome. SkyTrak does not tell you your overall score as you're progressing. It tells you each shot individually. But I certainly had an idea that I had a really good score going. So while my last assessment had the feeling of holding a bad round together, this one had every bit the feeling I had the first time I broke 80 last summer. I knew I had a good score, and I felt a ton of pressure to keep it going. You can see a bit of my faltering with that pressure at the end; the 190 performance was not strong today. But I'm certainly as optimistic as I've ever been at reaching my goal of getting to single digits this season.
  2. Another round of over a dozen chips/pitches from 10–25 yards. Certainly can't complain about that pattern:
  3. Playing with my new hand powered espresso maker, experimenting with different coffees. In other news, I'm three shots in already and after several more trial runs, won't be sleeping until April.
  4. All, I'm going to go ahead a lock this thread from further posts, just to keep new folks from getting confused and posting their testing applications here. My sincere thanks goes to those who continue to help our new members. For those new: read the opening few posts in this thread; they are essential instructions for getting involved in this awesome community! If you are trying to apply for a test, go back to the thread announcing the opportunity and reply to that thread.
  5. Doug Ferguson of The Golf Channel takes up one of the more important debates in our game: For my part, I'm with Doug. A bogey is 1 over; a double bogey is 2 over. Therefore, if an eagle is 2 under, a double eagle is 4 under. QED Besides, albatross is just a cooler term.
  6. You've got me thinking: this would be a sweet, nerdy ball mark:
  7. @GB13: it looks like dispersion is exactly what you'd expect: for each grouping of shots, how big is the circle that contains them. The wider dispersion today (vs. two days ago) is almost certainly because today I hit five shots per distance, whereas the previous challenge I did only three per. More shots, in my case, is almost always going to mean more dispersion.
  8. Totally had the same question. I'm going to have to look that up.
  9. Another day, another skills assessment (before the temps drop back below freezing again tomorrow). So I've created a Google Sheets spreadsheet to track my SkyTrak skills challenges. Here's where things stand through three attempts: Topline info: my overall handicap has dropped 1.5 strokes and I have increased my greens hit each time through three attempts. I don't expect the progress to continue at that pace Today's attempt felt like the round in which you're holding everything together with baling wire and duct tape. In my spreadsheet, I've highlighted in red everything 10 and over, and in blue everything under 10. My previous attempt had a ton of extremes: some awful numbers with some scratch-level play. This round was just a lot of shots that were right at my target handicap. On the plus side, that might indicate some more steady play. It was frustrating, though, because it's awesome to mix in some great shots, and I just wasn't making those today. On the wedge front: I used my GW and PW for the 105 and 120. I was still short with most of them, but not as much. I was short on a lot of shots today, until I realized I was sliding into impact again. As soon as I focused on keeping my head behind the ball, my distances increased again. So I need to go do that on the wedge distances again. The 190 test goes through my 5 iron, as I've noted before. I also hit some shots with my 4 iron, 3 hybrid, and 4 wood. Last shot with the 4 wood, I hit the ceiling (pink insulation) with the club. It leaves a terrible residue on the head. Ugh. Anyway, still making progress here. Thankful for you guys that are following along and adding advice and encouragement.
  10. Just received this today to put in my pocket for the upcoming season. I'll be carrying this with pride.
  11. I'll ask you, but this applies to a few others in the thread here: how do you get things out of your left pocket while (presumably) wearing a golf glove on your left hand? A recurring pattern in the thread is that righties put most of their stuff in their right front pocket, and lefties in the left. This makes sense, not simply because of the strong hand, but because digging a tee out of your pocket with a glove on is a total pain. Or does no one else struggle with this?
  12. So I've got PGA Tour Live streaming this morning, and notice that Sergio is apparently carrying a copy of War and Peace in his back pocket during the round: But it raises the question: what do you keep in your pockets during a round? For me, my golf glove (when I'm not wearing it) is in my back left pocket. If I keep my phone in my pocket (which I do less often these days), it's in my left front. The right front pocket is the important one: divot repair tool, ball marker, one full tee, and one broken tee. Depending on my confidence level, there is sometimes one extra ball in that pocket.
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