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  2. Time for a first impressions post! My irons arrived yesterday afternoon. I was at the house waiting; I wonder if UPS has a way of signaling to their drivers when someone has hit refresh on the tracking hundreds of times in a day, just so the driver knows he might be encountering a totally crazy person. But that aside.... Here's the unboxing video, with cameos from @Kirke and @Erik-M (and my dog, Rohan): Erik was at the house, using my SkyTrak to gap test his new Hogan Icons for the review he's doing. He and I are planning to play this afternoon, irons only, as we compete with @edingc and @GB13 in this week's Cobra Connect Challenge. Visually, these irons hit the sweet spot for me: clean without being boring. I think they're really a great looking design. Size-wise: they're not tiny, though they're definitely smaller heel-to-toe than the G700s (which is what I hoped). I'll need to get a few more picture comparisons, but the top line is much more appealing than the G700s, with less offset. I was surprised that the sole is as wide as it as. That's not a complaint, but I'll be very interested to see the results on the course. Before the G700s, I played with a set of Adams XTD Tour irons, and was a small divot-taker. The G700s have made me a sweeper; I'm intrigued to see what kind of turf interaction the 699 Pros favor. After getting the irons out of the box, I got on SkyTrak for a few swings with the PW. Sound-wise, the 699 Pros represent a significant upgrade over the G700s. Both are hollow-bodied irons, but the G700s have no filling of any sort. They have never been "tingy", but they are loud, with a significant crack at impact. The 699 Pros are much more dense and muted sounding—obviously not as dense as Erik's Hogan blades, but better than my PING's. We're hoping to set up some mics to do a sound test in the near future. I wrapped up my initial experience with the irons with a gap testing session on SkyTrak. What I saw was right in line with my expectations: each club is a bit shorter than the G700 it's replacing (the 699s are about a degree weaker on each club). I have a bag mapping report from February with my G700s; a quick side-by-side comparison (carry distances here): On average, I'm getting about 5 yards less on each club. The problem club, in both sets, is obviously the 5 iron. This season, I haven't been using the G700 5 iron at all: I've replaced with an Adams XTD dHy. That club has been a go to for me: a last-resort safety option off the tee when nothing else is trustworthy, and a perfect shape club for punching out of bad lies and under trees. I am pretty confident that my 5 iron going shorter than my 6 is a bit of an aberration. It's definitely not the fault of the club. I'll be working and practicing with it. But there is certainly a chance that, at the end of testing, one of two things happen: either the Adams goes back in the bag in the 5-slot, or I look into shafting the 699 Pro 5-iron in graphite. In any case, I'm really looking forward to getting these out on the course for the irons-only round today and a league match tomorrow night. More updates coming!
  3. Oops: been posting all afternoon on Twitter (which is easier from my phone). A couple highlights (I'll do a fuller first impressions post tomorrow):
  4. In terms of distance, yes. But in terms of completing all the deliveries there before moving to our area (a town over), not yet. UPS normally hits our house around 2:00pm.
  5. The winners from the swing contest were (finally) announced yesterday, and Kirke didn't place. The winners for his age group being at 12:41 in this video: I told him before we watched the announcement video that whatever the result, he's got a good swing. We enter these things for fun; it would be fun to place, but playing golf, enjoying it, and playing well are more important than a swing contest. He handled it well. And we'll go out and play again, hopefully tomorrow. To tie up a loose end from a previous post: I did register Kirke for his first tournament on August 24. Obviously, I'll post here to let y'all know how it goes.
  6. I need to rope @Erik-M into this challenge as well: he and I need to go out and play irons only. He'll have the Hogan Icons that he's testing, I'll have my new Sub 70 699 Pros that I'm getting today. Erik would have to challenge @GB13. It'll be Cobra vs. the Direct to Consumer iron challenge!
  7. Obviously not the best of reports, but I have to ask (since it's often relevant to my game): how's the 699 Pro performance on punchouts? That's not a trivial part of many of our games.
  8. Rules clarification: it's 4-PW, no other wedges. A hybrid is permitted if it's your 4-iron slot. No more than 8 clubs+putter.
  9. @edingc: might need to call you out on this one. To my advantage: my course is short. To your advantage: I think you're better at this game than I am. To everyone's advantage: as a mod, I'm pretty sure I'm not eligible for prizes
  10. Week 3 Challenges! OK all, time to announce the challenges for the third week of Cobra Connect! For our testers: our focus this week is on the core of the bag: the irons. Our testers will be playing irons-only this week (plus a putter; we're not totally cruel). Best net score with only irons wins the week! For forum members: it's time to really become part of the challenge! You've read the introductions, and you have a sense for which of our competitors' games is most like your own. Think you can take down this year's contestants? Now's your chance. Call out the Cobra tester you want to be competing against (the one most similar to your own handicap/level of play), and you will also complete an irons-only round. Post your scores here in the thread. You get one entry for issuing a challenge and two more if you beat the tester you challenged. From the entries, we'll do a random draw for this week's prize.
  11. Relatively easy: Kirke will have severe fitting issues, and my dad, while he enjoys playing, is not at all a golf gear nut. But I might need to have Kirke swing these anyway and get his impressions.
  12. It's 699 Pro day! Now the hard question: wait patiently, or use UPS's website that updates the truck location to track the clubs down early? Expect an unboxing video later today!
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