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  1. Duration: 00:48:59 Tony and Chris chat with MyGolfSpy's own Harry Nodwell and debate the roll of equipment companies against the backdrop of the emerging LIV Golf sponsored Saudi Golf League.Listen Here
  2. Duration: 00:31:28 Chris and Tony discuss what the USGA told equipment manufacturers regarding a likely ball rollback as well as the role of technology in the modern game.Listen Here
  3. I knew taking that picture would come back to bite me.
  4. This is something I'm very interested in going into this season. Between some really good fitness improvement and swing tweaks, I think I'm hitting the ball much better. But on my Mevo+ (and Awesome Golf), I'm hitting it quite a bit longer than I did last year. My 9 iron has become my stock 150 club, which is very long for me. Our course should be opening in the next week, and that is going to be one of the main things I'm looking for when I get to the course: how much my distance is a result of real improvement versus the hitting conditions inside.
  5. Based on @revkev's description, I had to go find the "what club would you use to fight off an intruder" thread. Here it is:
  6. I can't much more to what @Shankster contributed. The reality is that I live on the complete opposite end of the UP from what @DeBartola_B is asking about: he'd have to drive another 4+ west to get to my side of the Upper Peninsula.
  7. Duration: 00:37:57 Battle of the Ball Plants | NPG 100 by MyGolfSpyListen Here
  8. Just going to step in here to remind everyone that no one needs to post anything that questions another member's intelligence, etc. Debate issues. Personal attacks are never acceptable here in this Forum.
  9. On the one hand: I am convinced that picking smart targets is essential to playing my best golf. The ideas behind DECADE (and similar systems) are sound. Choosing targets that maximize your odds of the lowest score—objectively—is something that I'm committed to. On the other hand: confidence, even overconfidence, plays a real role in hitting good shots. I'm not talking about mere positive thinking or "manifesting reality" or anything like that. But most of us know that playing golf tentatively has real effects on the kind of swing or stroke we put on the ball. I see this in Kirke: on the golf course, he carries himself with "Rory on a heater" swagger. It can absolutely be obnoxious (and a dad, it's something we talk about from a character point of view). But it's also in part why I think he's so good at this game. Bad shots just get erased from his brain. He stands over each shot fully convinced he can pull off absolutely anything he wants with a golf ball. To me, it seems that these two ideas are at least a little in tension with each other. Certainly we can imagine the extreme caricatures: the swashbuckling, fire-at-every-flag approach and the avoid-all-risk approach. And before you jump in: I know that the mathematically correct choice is (most) often to send it. I get that smart golf isn't always "conservative." But if you're catching my drift, I think there is some tension between the mindset that says, "I can absolutely pull off any shot I need" and the reality that "Also, that's a really stupid shot that I shouldn't try to pull off." So all that to say, what's your best advice for playing confidently while playing smart?
  10. Saw this earlier in the week. I think I'll stick with my Edel
  11. I second everything @GolfSpy_CS wrote. I'll also add this (as a question): does the Lag Shot driver have a shorter shaft than your normal drivers? It may be (and I can sympathize with this) that with the shorter shaft, you're finding the center of the face more, whereas with your normal drivers you're getting dispersion from hitting a lot of different parts of the face.
  12. GolfSpy MPR

    GolfSpy MPR

  13. Last year, he asked for volunteers to participate in a new podcast he was starting. He was looking for a mid-handicap player to receive a whole bunch of coaching and the podcast would chronicle the improvement. I was a finalist, but wasn't chosen, so this was my consolation prize (which was a pretty generous offer, I think).
  14. Unless the one I bought from PuttView (mentioned above) blows me away, my intent is to scan all the pages immediately when I get it. Then I will combine the aspects of PuttView with those from the DECADE images I like best, and then print the thing in a format that fits the yardage book cover I got.
  15. Definitely on my radar. I'm going to play with the phone version first just to see if it's at all adequate, and then I'll consider upgrading.
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