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  1. First time hitting balls with my Mevo+ yesterday afternoon. Some very early thoughts: Moving back from my net, so that the Mevo+ has space to see ball flight, is not good if you have the occasional shank. Ahem. My garage isn't pretty; there's stuff (both yard equipment and kids toys) everywhere, including a running refrigerator to the side. None of this seemed to have a major impact on the Mevo+, which read 90%+ shots without issues. The issues it did have were with reading spin rates. I used a metallic dot, but got (maybe?) 50/50 actual reads on the spin versus estimated s
  2. Plenty of golfers aren't looking to spend $50 on a dozen golf balls. And in a perfect world, they'd pay less and retain all the performance of the higher-priced options. Maxfli isn't trying to win any market share battles with the industry leaders. But, what it can offer golfers for around $35/dozen (currently two for $55) is a lot of value for a ball that consistently bests more expensive models in performance and manufacturing consistency tests. And unlike many balls made overseas by reputable third-party manufactures (Foremost, Nassau), a good bit of technology contained within th
  3. I've already got a script in my head of what I intend to tell him I'm going to start with what I think I know, with the clear commitment to being willing to learn that I'm wrong. I'm a decent putter, and it's a strength of my game, relative to handicap. I've got years of on-course stats to back this up, including Arccos the past two years. Over my past 15 rounds, Arccos has my putting SG equal to a 7-handicap. I average just over 30 putts per round. There's a consistent pattern in that data, though: I'm a better putter (by SG) from 10–25' than I am from 0–10'. This is true
  4. Received my Mevo+ yesterday, but I haven't used it yet. This was no act of discipline on my part: my wife had taken Kirke to Drive, Chip, and Putt, and so I had three of our children to keep alive. It didn't seem like the best time to set up a new launch monitor. I'm hoping to get it set up this afternoon and do a little garage practice before league this evening. If all goes well, I should be able to do some side-by-side comps with the SkyTrak on Saturday. I'm thinking 5–7 shots from partial wedge, PW, 7, 5, and hybrid. I'll plan to keep every shot that both devices read, no matter how a
  5. I'll check that out further. For me, after I opened the Edel thread I just posted in, when I re-opened my "recent posts" feed, it was marked read. If you just hit "back" in your browser, it often won't show it as read.
  6. I wanted to post a brief tutorial on a Forum feature that I find essential: custom streams. If you just open "forum.mygolfspy.com," it takes you to the Forum home page, which defaults to showing the organizational categories of the Forum. But if you're a regular member, you don't want to see the structure: you want a stream of the most updated content. So start by clicking the "Recent Posts" button in the upper right of the screen: At the top of the Recent Posts page, you'll find this tool bar, which is where the magic happens: Here, you can customize how you want th
  7. So my big reveal, with permission from Edel: Edel has a new owner. He has a cabin in northern Wisconsin, just a couple hours from my home. I'm getting fitted for my Edel EAS by the owner of Edel in a little over a week, when he's at his cabin!
  8. It's entirely possible. Like I said, not having played an event on this tour before, I don't have a before to compare it to.
  9. Back to back competitions. Back to back first place finishes: Kirke is through Local qualifying and on to the Sub-Regional round!
  10. No, as I noted: no one signed scorecards. I've never been to one of these events before, so I don't know if that's normal or atypical. But Kirke turned in the card for the boy whose round he was recording, and the director just entered the scores. The other kid never reviewed it. It was the same for each boy.
  11. The number on the scoreboard is a 38. If (as we think) Kirke's score on the 4th hole should be a 4 instead of a 5, he shot a 37.
  12. TOURNAMENT RECAP Upper Peninsula Golf Association Junior Tour Event 1: Marquette Country Club I've been looking forward to this event since I saw the UPGA Junior Tour calendar, based not a little on Andy Johnson's (of The Fried Egg) breakdown of the history and architecture of the Marquette Country Club. Side note: the UPGA Junior Tour does things right: $20, free bag of balls for the range, and lunch. Kirke and I arrived an hour or so before his 11:00am tee time. That meant we had to leave about 6:30am, to account not only for the 2.5 hour drive but also the time zone chan
  13. If you're suggesting Kirke: my plan is for him to attend the fitting, but he is not the mystery fitter.
  14. Full writeup to come (probably tomorrow, when I've gotten a night's sleep), but the short version: Kirke shot a really solid round of golf and claimed his first ever tournament championship!
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