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  1. The experiment begins! So far, it seems promising. I'm keeping my putter at 34", so the bulge in the grip really settles more into the palm of my left hand than it does strictly on my wrist. But it still has the effect of reminding me to keep my hands and wrists calm and to putt with my shoulders: I'll keep this thread updated as I keep testing.
  2. OK, this is another awesome review that somehow I missed. I had seen the OneWheel when Randy from Fried Eggs golf on YouTube started posting about it a few years ago. He did a course vlog with it: A music video tribute to his OneWheel: And then an explanatory video of why he gave up using it on the course, which always stuck with me (and there's a MyGolfSpy shoutout here!): Basically, he said there was a software glitch in which the Wheel would suddenly stop. He used the image of a golfer with a bag on his back, standing on car that suddenly hits th
  3. I'll second the US Kids recommendation (that's Kirke's current driver). But the rest of Kirke's set is from Diamond Tour Golf (same company that does Sub 70): https://www.diamondtour.com/golf-clubs/junior-golf.html You can get the clubs built or get the components and build them yourself. I'm a big fan of the latter; I love building Kirke's set (more or less each year as he grows) for a very reasonable price, exactly to his current specs. We've never had any issues with quality from DTG, and they're properly weighted for young players (the single biggest factor to get right in t
  4. So I think I’ve learned something, but I’d love some feedback from others on this. I’ve been working on the feel of shifting my weight to my front foot. What I’ve found is this: it is orders of magnitude easier to shift to my lead foot with a slightly closed stance. It is somewhat harder to do with a square stance, and (for me) nearly impossible to do so while retaining any kind of balance with an open stance. Can you all test this and see if you find this same thing? I’m not saying you need to have the pressure insoles. And I’m not even talking about a full swing. Take a stance, tur
  5. My first response when I see a bag like this: this is a guy who found the 3W that works for him, and he'll give it up the day the head falls off and not a moment sooner. Is this correct?
  6. From all that I've read: yes. EDIT: found an old thread on this:
  7. Yep, this is cool. So after you take a swing, you can record an analysis of the swing data. Shield your eyes, folks: this isn't pretty: There's also a page that neatly summarizes the main data points, including the swing tempo data (you mark the address position, top of the swing, and impact position manually): I think I'm going to try doing some SuperSpeed-esque step drills to experiment with getting my weight shifted forward earlier. Any other drills suggestions? EDIT: Just tried my first "step swing" with the insoles. It moved the weight ratio at impact
  8. By common consensus, the Titleist TS series of drivers were a major success. Titleist is looking to build off that with their latest series of drivers, the TSi. We need some Forum members to let us know how the newest release of Titleist drivers perform, not just on Tour, but in the hands of golfers like us. Handling the testing this time will be: @TSauer | Review @HeathS16 | Review @hartrick11 | Review @dlow206 | Review @alfriday101 | Review @Rickp | Review @Golfspy_CG2 | Review
  9. So first discussion question: how much of Phil's public persona is performance art versus "just being him"? Or did those lines probably blend years ago? In any case, I'm with @Shankster on this: he is tremendously entertaining. Here's hoping that there's some Sunday in the future in which he catches "Watson at the 2009 British Open" magic at a US Open—but with an even happier ending.
  10. I'm sorry I missed this when it was posted. How in the world does it only have (now) two comments and five reactions?! This might be the finest review ever posted in the MyGolfSpy Forums. I know I'll be pointing future reviewers to it as a model for years to come. Kudos to you, @Finky999, for drawing attention back to this fine piece of work.
  11. My son and I have done a lot of putting down the center aisle. I can attribute Kirke's touch from 40' to our church aisle length:
  12. Yep. I pastor a small church in Michigan. Having the building to my self during the week has some perks.
  13. Just made the salsa from this video the other day, and loved it both on the burritos we made as well as on its own with chips:
  14. Total throwaway post, just for fun: my daughter Kate and Kirke were with me in the office this morning (I help with their homeshooling; teaching them to read biblical Greek!), and they wanted a version of the unboxing in which they could make cameos:
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