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  1. In principle, I think you have a reasonable point: the differences among the "classic" wedge designs should be pretty minimal. Very likely, the differences are at the margins for the same loft/bounce/etc setup, and likely might run into the place at which subjective factors are also come into play. That said, there has been a Most Wanted Wedges, back only a couple years ago: 2019 Most Wanted Wedges: https://mygolfspy.com/2019-most-wanted-wedge/ Also (though I'm not finding a full article on it): I found it interesting that the Sub 70 wedges (which I have in my bag) are amon
  2. The Testing Lab did a version of this almost a decade ago: https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-labs-putter-grip-make-more-putts/ More recently, they did a test comparing non-tapered grips to pistol grips: https://mygolfspy.com/study-the-impact-of-pistol-grips-on-putting-performance/
  3. We'll be starting the 2021 MyGolfSpy Forum testing season soon! A little peak behind the curtain: I regularly have members ask what gear is on the calendar for the upcoming year. The total truth: we almost never know. The OEMs are really in the driver's seat when it comes to testing. Their priorities have a much greater impact on what we do in testing, and that's as it should be. (As a reminder, that's also why some tests are US only or have other restrictions.) An OEM might make a whole line of products, but they're going to offer for Forum testing the products that they want to create b
  4. Kirke and I got out to the garage this afternoon to hit balls for the first time in months. The garage isn't heated, so the deep subzero temperatures make SkyTrak virtually impossible in certain weeks and unpleasant in most of the rest. But today, we were up in the mid-to-upper 30s, which honestly felt warm since it represented a 70 degree increase in the past couple of weeks. Anyway, Kirke is definitely longer than he was last year: If you compare this to previous swings in this thread, you can see the influence of Kirke's SuperSpeed work this winter. The biggest tell is that h
  5. Once again, let's not speculate on the cause. This isn't about protecting Tiger. It's because we don't know; right now, we can't know, so by definition, we'll be arguing with absolutely no ability to resolve the argument. It's a recipe for strife without resolution on the Forum. There are plenty of places to post your speculations; this won't be one of them.
  6. [Mod note: everyone has done well on this, but I wanted to jump in with a caution: obviously, there is going to be speculation about the cause of the accident. For everyone's sake, let's keep that to a minimum here.]
  7. Kirke was getting in some putting practice this morning, and was absolutely on fire: I wish I would have started the camera at the very beginning. He had 13 makes in a row to begin. One day, he'll get 18 for 18. I gotta see if I can beat him to it.
  8. It would take a pretty extraordinary set of circumstances in terms of course or weather for me to swap out clubs. That said, I suppose I've done a variation of this: I've kept a club in my bag that has its place almost entirely because it's useful on the tee of one of the holes of the course that I play virtually all my golf on.
  9. I should. The other feature that I want to see (maybe ShotScope has this?) is to be able to take a deep dive on your history on a particular hole. For someone like me, who plays virtually all his golf on one course, this would be awesome. I want to be able to pull up Hole 4 at my course and see A plot of all my tee shots Sortable by club And connected to penalty shots and average score on the hole The data is all there for me to know, not guess, whether I average a better score hitting driver, 3w, 5w, hybrid, or 5i (and I'm sure I've used all of these at differen
  10. This is massively promising. That said, it seems to still be missing one feature from Game Golf that I loved: comparing stats between two different time periods. I love the comparison against statistical benchmarks. But I also love to be able to get through May (for instance) and ask, "How do my stats so far this season compare with my April and May stats from last year?" It's also really useful when you do Forum product reviews: "How was my approach play in June/July (before I got my 699 Pro irons) compared to August/September?" It's such a simple functionality, I would think; I'd love t
  11. Bonus feature: you use different parts of the board, which gives you longer before you have to replace the hitting surface.
  12. I tried to do the drill I've had Kirke do, with Kirke calling out target locations in my backswing. I'm not good at it. But I have been working at a similar but less difficult drill. I'll take my stance and then try to hit the beginning and end of each of the yellow lines (so that covers toe and heel, fat and thin), and then I'll try to strike the middle. I'm finding that it is definitely increasingly my skill at striking the board in the right place when I want to do so.
  13. Genuinely not trying to sound pedantic, but it was even shorter than that: just over 3'. Homa's make rate at that range is close to 99%; that makes the miss even harder to take. Posted this last night: This was such a helpful sequence to share with Kirke. Watching the way that Homa calmed himself quickly before tapping in that put, and then the way he retained his composure after seeing his lie on 10: those are huge lessons for all of us, but especially for a kid who tends to let his emotions take over. It really was impressive to watch.
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