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  1. I should say so! Thank you for your service.
  2. Congrats! An honor to apply your badge; wear it well!
  3. Duration: 00:54:20 We're breaking in 2020 with the introduction of our show's new host, Miranda Mason. We also talk about the avalanche of new releases since the start of the year. A new year, a new host, and a ton of new products announced. Let's get it! 1:38 - Callaway's Mavrik Driver and does sound correlate with performance? 15:46 - Taylormade continues their strong naming conventions with the SIM Driver 23:41 - PXG's Gen 3 Irons: How do they justify that price tag? 33:09 - Mizuno's first putters in the US, the M-Craft line 37:21 - Odyssey's Triple Track Putter lines up nicely with the similarly striped ball 42:25 - A 38° Pitching Wedge? It's real, but we can't say who it's from yet... 50:01 - MGS's visit to Baltimore to see the launch of Under Armour's Spieth 4 Shoe. Listen Here
  4. Something odd to see on the waiver wires: some guys who you can either claim OR trade for. A quirk of having four copies of every guy, but it threw me when I first saw it.
  5. Around this time last year, I stumbled on a kids' golf swing contest run by a group called Little Linksters. Kirke and I spent an afternoon recording some swings indoors to submit to the contest. We had fun putting the video together, even though he didn't end up placing for his age group. For this year, instead of recording swings in the basement, I compiled clips of swings from Kirke's past season. Many of these I've posted here before, so those who follow this thread (or my Twitter posting) will likely recognize a few of them: Kirke just had his birthday at the end of December, so he's competing in the 7–8 age group this year. In any case, it's fun for me to compile a recap of some of his swings from this year, and even to watch it in comparison with last year's video and see his swing improve from season to season.
  6. I'm all in favor of more competition in the sub-$2,000 home launch monitor division, only if (like is apparently true of the Mevo+) they start including side spin. At present, that is the biggest feature that separates the SkyTrak from the sub-$500 class of LMs: they can't tell you if your ball is curving. I don't know about the rest of you, but with my golf game, that ends up being a relevant factor pretty often The biggest question with the Mevo+ that I'll be interested in is its indoor performance. In general, radar-based LMs do better the longer the flight of the ball that they can track. That's why so many indoor studios use GC Quad over TrackMan.
  7. So the hammer dropped today: The manager and GM both suspended for a year Team fined $5 million Loss of first two round picks the next two seasons What do you guys think of the punishment? I think I could be convinced of longer suspensions, but otherwise, this seems about right. For my part, I'm glad that MLB didn't go down the path of vacating wins. That approach never made sense to me, because it never means that the other team is credited with those wins. Those games just (apparently) never happened, although all the stats from them did.
  8. Count me among the intrigued, but like @hckymeyer, unwilling to part with $28 for a club brush. I'm a stiff nylon brush guy (I hate the way the metal bristles snag bags, towels, etc.). And the Frogger brush showed me the joy of the retractable lanyard. I've tended to be a spit-and-brush guy, and while it certainly works, I wouldn't mind switching to a process that's a little more refined. The magnet idea (instead of the lanyard) is also appealing; the review of the Precision Pro NX9 HD, with its strong magnet, proved to me that a good magnet can hold up to the bumps of navigating a course. So there are good ideas here; they're about one free shipping promotion from getting a sale from me.
  9. So the relevant factor is whether the check CLEARs?
  10. Over the years, I've seen a lot of requests for cross-year testing, even just included the previous year's winner in the next year's testing. I think time is the main obstacle; each club added to the test adds a lot more shots.
  11. At present, there is no way to compare Most Wanted Testing across years, because the tester pools are different each year. Those overall differences that you're seeing between 2017 and 2019 are not differences in clubs, but differences in the guys swinging them.
  12. Hemmed and hawed for a bit, but just pulled the trigger on these shoes for @Kirke: It'll be his first pair of real golf shoes. He'll be excited because they're Rickie's shoes. I'm happy that his feet won't be soaked through every time we play a dew-sweeping round. They were new on eBay (from a PGA seller) for $35. More than I like to pay for kids' shoes (I'm cheap), but he'll be thrilled.
  13. Check it out: https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/28411127/introducing-small-group-trying-take-change-golf-equipment-industry
  14. TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Testing the SkyCaddie SX400 will be: @SteddyGolf @gregh729 @Will_the_thrill @Quigleyd @gobama84 @CarlH @JohnSmalls @TR1PTIK @dbdors @TxRedMan Congrats to these members, and we're looking forward to reading your reviews! Full announcement and reviews are found here.
  15. Golf has often had a—shall we say—tense relationship with its tech and innovation. [Irony alert: Nike isn't "playing in the now" anymore.] Be that as it may, there are still extremes with golfers and tech. Some head to the course with enough distance-measuring tech to open a land-surveying company. On the other extreme are those pacing off distances from every available sprinkler head. It's time to give sprinkler-head guy a heaping of modern tech! Ten MGS Forum members will be reviewing the SkyCaddie SX400 over the next couple of months. They'll give us the lowdown on its features, ease of use, and accuracy. And they'll let us know if they're ready to give up on the sprinkler heads. Testing the SkyCaddie SX400 will be: @SteddyGolf @gregh729 @Will_the_thrill @Quigleyd @gobama84 @CarlH @JohnSmalls @TR1PTIK @dbdors @TxRedMan Congrats to these members, and we're looking forward to reading your reviews!
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