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    Outdoor activities & travel: Golf #1 #2 & #3...always game for any outdoor activity.
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  1. 6.3 handicap located in Austin, Texas Ping i210 irons with KBS - 168 yard 8 iron average Started following Sub70 when introduced by MGS. Have great interest in boutique entrepreneurs that create great equipment of which Sub70 appears at the top of the list. I appreciate not paying for endorsements and extreme advertising when I buy equipment. Sub70 appears focused on equipment performance and aligns with how I buy and promote golf equipment. Finish on Sub70 is preferred color.
  2. - Mark - Texas - Odyssey 2-ball & Titleist Futura 7M - A strength. Inventor of a putting aid that is used for evaluation of equipment, putting style, toe hang, alignment and natural path identification.
  3. Mark/Texas Ping G400 Max/9 degrees/Tour AD TP-6/S flex 7 hdcp/109 mph/Own a launch monitor Yes. It was awesome, albeit brief at a demo day and I'm really intrigued by all that I have learned about the product. I need more time to thoroughly evaluate as I am considering putting it in play right now. I am a student of equipment and the game and really like what I have learned about the product to date. More on my background at prostryke.com
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