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  1. This evening the wife, who bought me the sticks as a gift, recommended that i give them a try as an off season program. That way my golf muscle fatigue won't effect my game. I thought it made sense, so we'll see what happens this winter. Thanks for all the feedback.
  2. I took a golf vacation this week, and decided to give the speed sticks one last chance during pre round warm ups. The jury is in, and they're simply not any benefit to me. I went as far as to leave them in the trunk after the 2nd round. Not using them helped my swing. I think the issue is that I played baseball growing up, and only golfed a couple times a summer after the season was over. Swinging those sticks with no face grooves me back to baseball, which puts my hands way too far ahead. I will drop them on ebay, continue my kettlebell workouts, and use my orange whip. Frankly, this is the worst spring of golf i've had in the last 5 years, and the only thing different is the speed sticks. I believe they work, just not for me.
  3. I have been using the super speed golf system since March 26. In 9 weeks the only things I'm certain of "for me" are: 1. My golf swing muscles are ALWAYS tired. 3 × week, 2 × week, doesn't matter. 2. I'm not hitting the ball any further, and I'm often all over the course now. 3. This is the worst my tempo has ever been since I made it to a single digit index. I'm selling these on Ebay and going back to only using my orange whip. Fwiw, 2.5 index, with a driver ss of 100-105. I understand I'm an outlier...
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