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  1. Id really love to hear your feed back on IOmic, you seem to really know your stuff @DJ Mico
  2. @TooSteepWow thats the first Ive heard of IOmic wearing out so quick. Do you have a photo of this 5i grip?
  3. @one0wonderyou definitely make a good point about USA made. I will have to check out PURE. Thanks
  4. @RickyBobby_PRthis is true Im definitely not in a place where Id need to replace my clubs before the grips wear out, but supposedly IOmic are in a different league when it comes to wear and from what Im told they can guarantee the feel (tackiness) of the grip for life!
  5. @RickyBobby_PR so you buy in to the GP's - 'regrip every year mantra' I know that is true for their grips but feels a little bit like the phone industry having your handset 'wear out' annually
  6. @Hook DeLoft Thats what I mean, I recently met a random single that played iomic grips, they felt super tacky. He said they were 4yrs old and still felt the same as the day he had them installed!
  7. @Alf. S yeah I was thinking about that... IOmic definitely run a little higher but if they last 2-3 season or more then that extra spend would be worth to me.
  8. @dlow206thanks for the feedback. Are you a Grave Golf (single plane swing) student?
  9. @cnosilWhat did you think of Iomic? Ive heard people say they dont wear out or lose tackyness - how is that even possible?
  10. Ive had some really bad experiences with grips (z-cord literally shredded by palm) and wanted to get peoples feedback on the grips they use and why?
  11. PXG Operator putter RH Double bend (balanced face) 33" 375 grams with PXG Flatso 2.0 SuperStroke white/black grip I won this Operator, only used indoors once. It is awesome but I have my gamer and this wont get used. Ps. I have the original pxg box you see in the pictures plus comes with the original pxg magnetic snap head cover too (not pictured) $325 shipped obo to the lower 48 States or Canada. Sorry no trades.. I want the cash to go toward a custom set of irons.
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