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  1. First Name/City State - Brian/Dallas, TX Shoe Size - 11 Current Shoe Worn - Depends, I have almost 60 pair! Mostly Adidas & Puma. What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection - Since I walk most of the time comfort is crucial BUT I do tend to coordinate with my outfit as well. I may not be the best golfer playing that day (GHIN is currently 5.6) but I will be one of the best dressed!
  2. Greetings from Dallas, TX! I currently game the G410 driver (12* head set at 11* and flat) and the G410 SFT 5 wood (set at 17.5* plus the shaft is 0.5" longer) both with the Alta 55 shaft. My hybrids are the Cleveland HB Launchers (22* & 25*) but right now I only carry the 22*. My irons are Srixon Z565 and I have the 5 iron set at 22* with 4* gaps (6-9 plus 3 wedges) and Cleveland CB wedges (54* & 58*). Considering switching the Cleveland hybrid(s) for the G410 hybrid and plan to go to the PGA SS near my office to work on gapping. I'd be willing to share the results with you as part of thsi thread. Play more golf!
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