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  1. I have ShotScope V2. I got it the year before v3 came out. Had I known, I would of waited. Then I found a guy selling v3 on Kijiji for real cheap. Then went to buy it and it was gone. Would love to get my hands on v3!
  2. Hello fellow Canadians! Any musicians in the GTA/Toronto area that want to play golf with me? I am starting a Youtube channel called "Musicians Playing Golf" and hope to create amazing content with the help of fellow musicians! Hit me up!
  3. Hello fellow golfers! So I have used Shot Scope v2 for 2 rounds, so far, and I love it. I haven't used Pro mode yet, just GPS and Tracking. It was fun to see the data after my first round using it. My second round I think the GPS was confused as one of the holes showed my approach landed on a different hole/green that was beside the one it should have been on. I am going to try Pro mode next round I think. Here' my first 2 round this year, below. I wish it had a better sharing option. Last year I used Hole19 app all year. I like that app and that it emailed my round to me afterwards and I was able to share to Facebook. With Shot Scope I had to improvise, so I used the Windows tool "Snipit" and cut out the scorecard to share on my socials.
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