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  1. Hello fellow Canadians! Any musicians in the GTA/Toronto area that want to play golf with me? I am starting a Youtube channel called "Musicians Playing Golf" and hope to create amazing content with the help of fellow musicians! Hit me up!
  2. Hello fellow golfers! So I have used Shot Scope v2 for 2 rounds, so far, and I love it. I haven't used Pro mode yet, just GPS and Tracking. It was fun to see the data after my first round using it. My second round I think the GPS was confused as one of the holes showed my approach landed on a different hole/green that was beside the one it should have been on. I am going to try Pro mode next round I think. Here' my first 2 round this year, below. I wish it had a better sharing option. Last year I used Hole19 app all year. I like that app and that it emailed my round to me afterwards and I was
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