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  1. I really like the titleist lineup and just got a set of 718 irons last year for my birthday. I know they're more expensive and even used they can still rack up a high price tag but I've felt that I have so much more control (accuracy) with these clubs than I ever had with my previous clubs (Ping G15's). Driver: Titleist 910 D2 Woods: King Cobra SZ 3 & 5 wood (these need replaced asap) Irons: Titleist 718 AP2's 4-PW Wedges: Titleist SM7 50* & 54* older 58* Putter: 2005 Odyssey #5 Center shafted with a Superstroke Slim 3.0 grip Ball: 2019 Titlesit ProV1 (the most important part of my bag) After watching MyGolfSpy's rendition on the importance of the ball I realized that I could see a difference between the V1 & the V1x and really hated the X because it had too much spin generated and made a miss even worse.
  2. Aaron / Ohio Odyssey #5 center shafted with a Superstroke Slim 3.0 grip Right hand I've been searching for a new putter and am looking to make a switch this season. I've been using my Odyssey for 15 years because I couldn't find anything that was as soft off the face and really gave me total control of my putts. I love mallet putters because they feel more balanced. I'm interested in this putter based of the original review MyGolfSpy had. I'm a Civil Engineer and I'm very analytical in my thinking, not to the extent of Bryson, and being a part of testing a new product would be great to be part of.
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