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  1. Mike Schneckloth (Minneapolis, but heading to Florida soon) Yardages? I look for the 150 yard bush/shrub on the edge of the fairway and add in some local knowledge. Or at a better course, I look for the red/white/blue bricks in the fairway and utilize the 36-inch step I have perfected over the past 30 years. Technology has a place in golf similar to its place in other parts of our lives these days. It can certainly enhance our enjoyment of something we love, but sometimes it should be set aside. Both to remind us of where that love came from in the first place, but also to apprecia
  2. First Name/State: Mike/Minnesota Handicap/Swing Speed: 5.0/117.8 mph Current Ball Played: Srixon Q Star Tour Have you previously played the Z Star or XV: No
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