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  1. Appreciate the feedback from everyone, I’m gonna go ahead and do the fitting. Would rather enjoy my first set of fitted irons sooner rather than later (hopefully I don’t have a 10 week wait like I’ve read).
  2. That’s probably true, not sure there’s ever a perfect time to buy. If I wait for Titleist and Mizuno to release I could then make the same argument that I want to wait for the next Srixon/etc to be released as well.
  3. I have an iron fitting scheduled this week but started wondering if I should hold off a couple months. I heard Titleist and Mizuno will be releasing new irons later this year and both brands are under consideration for my next set. When I demoed the T200s I hit them well but didn’t like it back of the iron, seemed cheap. I currently hit Mizunos and loved the 223s when I demoed them, but I believe they’ll be upgraded later this year. Anyone heard anything regarding this years Titleist/Mizuno releases?
  4. Hey guys, Blake here from Kansas City. Grew up in a rural area that didn’t have a course so just played occasionally growing up. Started playing regularly in college and now try to play as much as i can. Currently a 12-13 handicap. Pretty inconsistent, shot a personal best 80(!) a couple weeks ago but wouldn’t be surprised shooting a 95 tomorrow. Love that golf is both a physical and mental challenge. Also so many different aspects to the game, amazing feeling when everything is clicking from your driver to putter. Social aspect is also a huge plus, love getting together with friends and playing. Found MyGolfSpy last year when i was researching new irons. Really like the unbiased and objective approach the site takes to reviewing equipment. Don’t know any spies but looking forward to gaining insight from them! Grew up in mid-Missouri but would consider Kansas City the place I really got into golf. Consider Stone Canyon to be my home course Weather in Missouri can be unpredictable and unkind to golfers. Potentially long winters and very hot/humid summers. However there seems to be a lot of quality courses at affordable rates. Pharmacist
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