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  1. Paul Gorence / Louisville, KY, and I would love to test the new Precision Pro NX9 I used a Bushnell model, but got lost in a move. I liked it quite a bit, but now I use an IZZO GPS. I like the GPS, but it's not nearly as helpful as a range finder, as I find myself quite often wanting to know the distance to a water hazard, bunker, or how deep or shallow the pin placement is. I have looking at several different models, but can't seem to make up my mind. I'm about a 12 handicap, and would love to get down under 10. Send me a Precision Pro NX9 and I'll give you a very detail review. Thanks!
  2. Can't wait to see if I'm chosen. Was reading about new clubs to buy this summer, and I'd love to try these. Paul Gorence / Louisville, KY / USA 40207 Handicap 12 Current Iron Model Played: Taylor Made Knock offs from Pine Meadow Gold I would like to test the Black Cat's. I like cavity back better
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