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  1. Brian - Saginaw, MI iPad Primarily indoors Net for indoor use and I have the required space in my bay... Have Skytrak and Mevo+, so I can do a comparison, if requested.
  2. Brian, Michigan basement carpet and putting on skytrak sim rounds in the garage Really like the Synlawn Precision Putt roll/feel/quality, but I use chunks of that for replacing my homemade hitting mat, so my stock is running low! Slow.. courses I play tend to be on the hairy side
  3. Brian / Saginaw, MI 6.8 index 716 AP1 Have a Skytrak to get data on and report.
  4. 1. 6.7 index, Michigan. 2. 716 AP1, 8i 160 yds 3. I currently have one of their hybrids in my bag. Talked to Jason on the phone before ordering, very helpful and not pushy. Even gave me a call a short time after I'd been playing it to check-in... very classy. They have an awesome gameplan going, especially allowing customers to return a club(s), but I'm assuming most people don't because the products are great! All-around great experience purchasing from them and would hesitate to again!
  5. Brian / Saginaw, MI Index: 9.2 Current irons: 716 AP1 Prefer to test Black Cat
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