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  1. I've had the opportunity to be tested on several professional (e.g. Trackman) devices at fitting centers and always wondered if the commercially available products really worked. I'm 75 and maintain a USGA 1 handicap. I see so many folks at the range beating balls (might as well be beating themselves) and frustrated. So if these devises work they would be a major step up for the range rats!
  2. Rob, Greensboro,Georgia Taylormade projectA swing speed, 95 The most underrated part of golf equipment is the ball even though the average player is bombarded by ads and stats they go ignored -- they play what the pros play (usually WRONG idea) or what is cheap (really WRONG)!
  3. I am a .8 handicap even at age 73. I was a college coach and still work with hig level players many of whom aspire to the web.com tour. I am always preaching the virtues of the "small game". They can all hit it but there seems to be a lid on the hole when it really counts. Is this the magic they need.
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