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  1. I'm not ashamed to admit it (maybe I should be?), but I've been battling the yips for a good 10 years now. I can't 'shake' them (pun intended). Wanted to start a thread here to find out what has worked for the community to cure this dreaded condition! I've tried absolutely everything. Grips, mental approach, equipment, different stances (even left handed), you name it. When the time comes to hit that putt, my arms quiver on the through stroke. Every. Time. If I could rid myself of this not only would I score a lot better, I'd enjoy the game about 1000% more. I don't care what I score (well, maybe I do), but knowing I'm able to hit putts where I want to would make me so gosh darn happy. Thoughts?
  2. Cool. Was curious what happened there. Was all excited at first (before I noticed the publish date)... thought there was a new model to test!
  3. FWIW here's the article I'm referring to.
  4. Stumbled across what I thought was a new article about the MTB Black vs MTB Red on Snell's website... anyone know whatever happened to the Red?
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