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  1. What do you do for the average golfer that needs a lie adjustment?...
  2. Live in Austin, Tx area. Currently use a Garmin S60. Thanks...Vic Forsyth
  3. Been playing these on my ProV1X for about two months. Would like to give my thought on them. Priopr to that, was using a black sharpie. Vic Forsyth, Austin Texas area.
  4. Would really like to see how these stack up to my Taylormade M6’s. Vic/Texas Handicap 16 Taylormade M6 7 iron distance 135
  5. I was playing the Chrome Soft till I read the ball review. Since then I went through a ball fitting and with my slower swing speed I was fitted into the Pro V1X. I have played about 10 rounds with the new ball and do see a more consistent short game and improved distance from the tee.
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