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  1. I’m selling my slightly used ARP Wave POV Sport. These machines these days are only leased by the manufacturer so these are rare to find as a purchase. Everything included with this unit has been well cared for and in excellent condition. The license will eventually need to be transferred (last time I checked ARP requires a one-time $500 fee for this). Feel free to pm with questions if you’re interested. PRICE: $10500 Shipped (License fee included) Here is what you get: •ARP WAVE POV SPORT UNIT •Pack of Reusable Electrodes pads size 2" x 4" •ARP power supply and power cord •One Blue and Green lead cables •Brand New ARPWAVE Carry travel case still has tags on it. The ARP POV Sport is a revolutionary, electrical stimulation device. It possesses specifications and characteristics that are not found in any conventional, neuromuscular electrical stimulator (interferential, microcurrent, galvanic, Russian stim, iontophoresis). It is the training machine of the future! The ARP POV Sport uses direct current (DC) compounded with a high frequency, double exponential, patented background waveform. This background wave is harmonious with the body. This significantly reduces skin and fatty tissue impedance, thus allowing much deeper penetration of the direct current without troublesome side effects such as skin burning. The unique waveform, produced by the ARP POV Sport, creates minimal protective muscle contractions allowing active range of motion during training. This permits eccentric (lengthening) contractions to occur. These lengthening contractions are critical to elite training results. The ARP POV Sport protocols are approved for the following uses: •Customize Workouts •Stimulate Training •Improve Strength •Improve Speed •Improve Power •Improve Endurance •Increase Muscle •Decrease Bodyfat •Recover Faster •Reduce Fatigue •Reduce Injury When training the human body, it reacts in both productive and non-productive ways. The ARP POV Sport allows the body to work more efficiently to eliminate these non-productive responses. PRODUCTIVE RESPONSES TO TRAINING •Increased blood flow •Production of reparative cells •Remodeling of tissue The ARP POV Sport facilitates efficient training and recovering simultaneously. This is achieved by rapidly contracting and elongating muscles teaching the body that with every muscle contraction there must be an equal velocity and load elongation of its antagonistic muscle. This generates increased strength, increased speed, increased joint and limb mobility, increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, and decreased recovery time. TRAINING AND RECOVERY BECOME ONE AND THE SAME Elite athletes have to recover quickly to optimize performance, avoid loss of playing time and delay the end of their athletic careers. So many of these athletes around the US (and the world) have discovered the benefits of rehabbing with the ARP Wave system.
  2. Still available.... Price reduced to $4750 plus shipping, thanks.
  3. The following is for a used flightscope X2 launch monitor in pristine condition. This unit is in perfect working condition with the latest firmware and has no issues/faults. All you need to get up and using this launch monitor is a tablet and $10 VX app, It comes complete with travel case and all necessary cables. I have moved locations and no longer need the X2 for fitting purposes, sadly selling everything due to my new job. Asking $5500/obo , pm if interested for more pictures. Thanks
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