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  1. Love to give this a go. I just retired and a new project would be a great transition.
  2. Walt/ Mt. Laurel, NJ 9 1/2 Medium Foot Joy Contours Comfort & fit and Waterproofing As I told my children, "shoes are the most important piece of equipment you have. Invest in a good pair."
  3. Walt -Mt. Laurel, NJ Right handed 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Regular flex 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular Backup choice 30 handicap currently play Callaway Rogue X hybrids
  4. Walt Mt. Laurel, NJ Taylormade R1 28 Approximately 80-85 mph TSi2
  5. Walt/Mt. Laurel, NJ/USA Odessey White Hot Pro (Mallet) They're all smart-looking! Contrasting Black & Copper (close to USMA colors). I'm leaning towards the Piper C or the Piper Armlock ( 2nd from the left) but will go with what ever helps me eliminating the dreaded 3 putt.
  6. Walt Valora in Southern New Jersey No. I rely on a range finder (Nikon Cool Shot), my playing partner with a GPS, or pace off the yardage from the hole markers or sprinkler heads.
  7. Walt in Mt. Laurel, NJ I'll test either. Currently playing a Taylor made R1 (so I'm due for a change.) Approximately 85 to 90 Good luck to all!
  8. Walt, Southern New Jersey, 22 I draw a line over the the OEM's alignment aid using a marking tool. Either a Titleist ProV1 or a Bridgestone e6 marked with a single black dot over the left side of the manufacturer's trademark.
  9. Walt in Southern NJ Odessey White Hot Pro 30 Looking for all the help I can get.
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