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  1. My favorite part of the videos on their site is the fact that they say it does three things and they are...


    1. It lines you up

    2. It sets you up

    3. It tells you when you screw up (my personal favorite)


    I just can't believe that the Golf Channel actually showed it on air, but I guess if they are cranking out the money for advertising then why not.

  2. Thanks for the review...I wish you had some pics of these from address and such positions. I am actually considering these irons, but the one hold up for me is the pact that the PW is 43* which is a little on the strong side for me. I have thought if I get these I would carry 6-PW instead of my normal 5-PW and then add a 48* wedge along with my 52*, 56* and 60* wedges.

  3. So I get home tonight and I am kicking back in the recliner and firing up the laptop to see what is going on in the forum so I thought I would flip on the TV and I'm watching the Golf Channel and all of a sudden a commercial for the Clearview Putter comes on. Has anyone seen this ad? It is a see-though putter, here's a pic....





    I mean, seriously....it looks like a toy!! I just don't know if I can see a viable use for this thing. What do you guys think? Here is a link to the site as well....http://clearviewputter.com/index.php

  4. $720 sounds like a great deal. A couple of the courses around here have annual passes, but they are about double that. Knowing that the golf was already paid for would be very cool. No loss if you only can slip out for a couple of holes after work.


    Oh yeah...I'm not going to complain at all. The $720 membership fee is great. I don't have to pay for a cart or anything. Basically, it is $22 a round at this course so if I play more than 3 times a month then I have paid for it and for me that isn't a problem as I play way more than that. Granted the course could be better, but it is fits the need.

  5. I have a few things that I catch myself doing. I always put my tee in my right pocket and after I finish a hole the ball goes in my right pocket. In my left pocket I keep my divot tool and ball marker. I am also extremely methodical when it comes to my pre-shot routine.

  6. If we made millions of dollars off the public from endorsements, tickets sold, pro sports, TV contracts, and the like, we'd have that same media circus. In other words, it comes with the territory. If you want all the spoils of that life, you gotta take the good with the bad -- same as you and I with our lifestyles. Our good? Not having the media circus crucify us for most of our mistakes. Our bad? Not being a gazillionare off the pubic at large. LOL


    I completely agree with your take on that 100%. The magnifying glass is always on the high profile people in the world and deservedly so I guess. I guess it all boils down to which is the lesser of two evils...less money and less media attention or more money and a tighter rope to walk in the public eye.

  7. I had the HiBore XL driver for a while. Liked the club, but my buddies and I got in the habit of shouting HiBore before and after every drive. Couldn't help it. I wanted to buy the irons so we could say it after every shot.



    I don't think I would waste the money just to be able to say that, plus you would have to look at them before and after every shot which would only downgrade your confidence and status in life.

  8. I am waiting for someone to rock a kilt on tour. Maybe Paddy???


    That would be interesting! I could borrow one from our local high school band as they rock kilts. It would definitely be a shock to see that on tour.

  9. Yeah, but they all come with numbered headcovers. IMHO that makes them nicer than these. Plus the Hibore sand wedge is soooo goofy looking that it can make you smile when your ball ends up in the trap.

    "Damn, sand, but look at this crazy club lol!"


    I think when I tried the Hi-Bore irons I laughed before every shot. I know when I first picked them up the first words out of my mouth were something like...."You have got to be ******* kidding me!"

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