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  1. Range session with the new woods. The tour 3 is phenomenal! The toptracer said I was hitting it average around 230, with the longest 265. The driver still needs some work. Sprayed it everywhere, but when I did get a hold of it, 260-280 yards was the distance. 3 hybrid… this is a tough one to hit
  2. I would have her go and hit the 4 and 5 compare it to the 6 and see what she feels more comfortable hitting as well as making the gap work
  3. Cobra came through! Just a quick preview til I can get at least a range session in.
  4. Was told FedEx dropped a box that says driver, fairway and hybrids… can’t wait to get home
  5. Was told FedEx dropped a box that says driver, fairway and hybrids… can’t wait to get home
  6. Every day I get my hopes up when I see the FedEx truck and it just drives by…
  7. Masters tickets rejection… a tradition unlike any other
  8. @jlukes for those of us who arent shaft experts, can you explain the differences between what you prefer vs what you got? And how it makes the issues you have happen?
  9. Thank you all for the help! Much appreciated! That’s what I was afraid of using my old set.
  10. So I need help, my friends 7 year old wants to get in to golf. Since my friend doesn’t really play he’s asked me to help him. The kid doesn’t have any clubs at all, so I’m wondering how bad of an idea is it to let him use my old (men’s clubs) before I tell my friend to buy him a set? Or is there any inexpensive set that anyone recommends? Or anything else for kids we should look at?
  11. Finally able to get out here how many years later! Had so much fun and played really well
  12. I would play it again tomorrow if I had the chance! Wasn’t really long course but challenging and made you keep the ball in play, which was a miracle for me!
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