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  1. Honestly the Oakley golf lenses help me keep track in the air, have you tried anything like that?
  2. Is it me or do they look like the Kirkland driver?
  3. Congratulations, love my T200 and the long irons are them are very consistent
  4. Wouldn’t ever buy a used wedge, seen way to many that have no spin left. Unless you can find like maybe used a few rounds buy once cry once with new wedges. They can make more of a difference than any other club (minus putter)
  5. So I got 2 smoke green pod hulk shafts, one 6.0 and one 6.5 stiff and I noticed on the 6.5 the bottom portion isn’t purple just green the whole way? And they’re two different color greens? Is this legit?
  6. Nothing more confusing than this. Also just because they say something is good for your swing doesn’t necessarily mean it may not work for you. I play low bounce but have steep swing
  7. I got the same results but when I asked about left dash/dot he said they don’t fit for those. I liked the low spin/trajectory of AVX,
  8. Right I don’t expect it to fix the problem but will Avx being too soft increase the problem and lose distance or is left dash being firmer the better optin
  9. The driver is my struggle club, I like the spin on irons and wedges. Short game is what keeps me alive. High back spin on driver with a slice
  10. So I’m in need of help figuring out what ball to play. I have always liked the AVX and when I did the phone / virtual fitting through titliest they said AVX was the right ball, however was in a golf shop talking to the sales guy and he said with a 105+ swing speed that the AVX is too soft of a ball for me. I have played the left dash one round (best round ever) but was given a sleeve by a buddy so could be an outlier as only lasted a round and half. Anyone have any advice?
  11. The specific settings? Any thing I should be looking at? The trackman rep came in and said we had the right distances to screen, hitting spot etc.
  12. Curious to know how the spin affects trackman distances. I have a steep AoA which creates a lot of backspin and am using the RCT balls. I struggle to hit the driver 210 or more on the TM but on course (using Arccos) I am usually a 250ish yard drive. Is there some setting I am missing with the trackman or does it over penalize for the high spin rates? This is also consistent across all clubs, usually have to hit a club or 2 clubs stronger for TM distances vs what I would real life.
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