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  1. I am actively trying to get some patina, swinging them through snow, tonight i was steaming my dress shirts so I hit the one wedge with some steam, we’ll see if that makes a difference
  2. As other have said, less is more unless I ask what I’m doing wrong. Frustrating having a bad day and someone telling me how to fix it and not being able to.
  3. The local course I play at will hold the lead group and when the 2nd 2 catch up rejoin them, if they split again it’s goodbye from the course that day
  4. Cheating to win something big. cheating in a friendly match you know they’re cheating it doesn’t cost you anything. You know you really won they do too...
  5. Cleveland Tour Rack RTX through the snow <-video Cuts right through the snow as it does the sand!
  6. Oh I know I’ve been a Cleveland user for years, just happy to see others had the same feelings! Agreed with the tools for the swing, I always go back to what’s comfortable to my body when I swing when I start to struggle
  7. Averaging everyone’s review score they scored a 94.6... sounds like I’m not the only one who thinks these are the real deal
  8. Havnt seen this issue. Although like others mine havnt got a lot of patina on them and I've been swinging them if I see the grass outside is wet just to try to get them to do more patina'ing What ball are you seeing this on?
  9. Just got the mat and the pressure putt trainer, absolutely love it. Can really see my ball path, plus the drills they have on their website are great. Use my phone in slow motion to capture impact. one thing is my mat hasn’t completely flattened out so there’s some bend to the putt
  10. Same, I went to Cleveland event and demo the 60*, you’re going to love it!
  11. Was able to get out today with the beautiful weather here. The 56* felt to be more drop and stop than my old RTX4 and the low bounce I didn’t blade anything, which is a first for me in a round.
  12. Got my 56*, sole grind: relief edge, leading edge rounded. The wedge feels very balanced and the little bit of chipping I’ve done around the house, it great at picking the ball without the blading. Hoping to get out soon!
  13. They were brander with the mizuno logo, just the provided practice balls. speaking of spinner shaft, it feels good. Can tell the tip is a bit softer. The wedge feels solid and a bit heavier (which I like)
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