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  1. Before I dive into my review, here is a background as to what made me switch putters : In early August I started with an awesome putting coach. Before I started working with him I was missing everything and recently came off a tournament with two 4 putts in the round. As I’m beginning to enjoy and play tournament golf making putts was about to become really important to me. I used a Taylormade Spider Tour Red for about 9 months, but the look killed me. found it so irritatingly huge and wanted something a little slimmer. I then decided to switch to an OdysseyWorks #7 for 6 months. Was o
  2. Had these in the bag since July 2018! Just recently got fit for the putter, and put the 2 Iron in the bag in December! Driver: TM M3 440cc, Fujikura Atmos. 3 Wood: TM M4, Fujikura Atmos 2 Iron: TM P790 UDI, Projext X Hazardous Black 4-PW: Ping i210s, Dynamic Gold X100s Wedges: Sm7 Vokey's, 50, 56, 60 Putter: Bettinardi Studio Stock Slotback 28, Center Shaft Ball: (switched after the ball test lol) Pro V1 X Very happy with the Irons and wedges, Driver, 3 Wood and 2 Iron could be better, as the shafts I was fitted for in those don't suit me a
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