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  1. Im switching from regular flex steel shafts to taylormade sim2 max irons in a flex, so far liking the results. My question is should i also change the shafts in my wedges 52,56,60 to a lighter shaft in r flex or go and use an a flex in them.
  2. I have switched to Taylormade sim2 max irons in senior flex from regular flex and at 63 yoa they are great. My question is i have three wedges from taylormade which are the hi toe regular shaft steel in 52, 56, and 60. i read that it is best to have them in the same shaft as my irons and as they suggest that they should be heavyer than the 9 iron should i go with the A flex or go to R flex with a higher swing weight in the same shaft material.
  3. was thinking of replacing my steel shafted irons to steel fiber shafts for senior flex. For my taylormade m2 irons. Has anyone used these shafts and their thoughts. thanks..
  4. shafting bead with 24 hour epoxy but use spareingly twist a little and it will snug up and cure in 24 hours nice and strong
  5. Taylormade m6 and m4 driver d7 with graffaloy pro custom pured shafts and all clubs wear jumbomax l grips. taylormade m2 5 wood also graffaloy pro custom pured shafts at d7 . taylormade m2 hybrid 4 and 5 graffaloy pro custom pured shafts set at d7 all woods and hybrids set at d7 it helps me form swinging too fast and is much straighter. taylormade irons m2 6,7,8,9. all set at d3. pw is callaway 48* mac daddy at d7 gap wedge is taylormade hitoe 52* d7 sw and lob taylormade hitoe 56* and 60* d8 putter is sik for some this seems heavy but it really isnt at all. tryed lighter sw and was swinging way too fast this weight gets me good height and distance and with the jumbomax grips i have a straighter ball flite too.
  6. before adding tip weights should the length of the weight going past the shaft. should the shaft be trimmed to accommodate that extra length from the tip weights as some weights i see are about 1/4 longerpast the shaft.
  7. you are so right i finally got one to come out and it was a tip cover to keep epoxy from going up into the shaft thanks
  8. bought 2016 tailormade m2 irons great clubs by the way. now I'm attempting to change the 88 shaft to a 100 gm shaft. Well I pulled the 4 and 5 iron heads off. They came off easily but as I looked down the hosel I noticed what looks like a plastic plug at the bottom that fits up into the tip of the shaft. It didn't come out with the shaft after heat and pulling the shaft. Is this item supposed to be there or can it be removed as I don't want to ruin the clubhead. It doesn't look like a tip weight as its not brass or lead but possibly plastic. and i may need to tip weight the clubs but not sure yet. i have pulled many other heads and have not seen this piece before. any ideas. Thankyou
  9. if shaft tip weights were to be used to change swing weight, since the weight is at the rear most part of the club head i.e.: in the hosel would this change the center of gravity and make the heel heavier?
  10. i currently use a tayormade m4 12 degree set at upright with either calaway superhot yellow or a titleist tour speed both have mid hight and plenty of distance and 80% straight down the fairway. i may try a ball with a diffrent spin to see what happens.
  11. still confused. does a driver with higher spin have more distance or the other way. I normally play a tayormade m4 12 degree set at upright and have good distance well over 200 on a good day. would going to a 10.5 or 9 degree driver give ore spin and or distance. I read that lower lofted higher spin drivers are the best of both worlds but for the life of me I cant find a driver brand to let me know if they are higher or lower spin drivers. i know i can change the balls to help but looking for a driver.
  12. the head was given to me and was wondering as a 7 wood how it would work out free so gonna try at the range
  13. im trying to findout which clubhead the integra sts titanium .25 degree 7 wood is a clone of thanks
  14. am thinking of assembling a 7 wood with graffalloy pro lunch blue shat tipped at .335. my question is that the head is also .335 and im wondering if shft wil fit as they both are at .335 and yes this is a newb question as im just tinkering with the idea. thanks guys for your help.
  15. try a product calld tour loc its a weighting system put in the grip area of the club. there are several weights to choose form and this counter balances your putter as well. after changing grips on my putter it was too light so i added the 75 gm weight for counter balancing and brought the club bck up and feels great.
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