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  1. Well, I guess my customer service expectations are excessively high. Decathalon (Inesis) got me the code for opening up my account after a few hours and I ordered a pair of their waterproof golf shoes. I'm looking forward to getting them soon and testing them in the Pacific Northwest winter. Still, they ought to have a contact phone number for customer service. That's pretty basic. 

  2. MGS obviously really likes Inesis golf shoes (Decathalon based in France). They may be great, and I would love to order a pair, but go to their website and try to find a phone number for customer service. It simply doesn't exist. I have tried TWICE to set up an account and Inesis/Decathalon's site directs me back to my email to complete the set up (probably for a code), but there is nothing at my email address. Then I tried an email to their customer service. Nothing. Nada. They have recently opened a store in the San Francisco Bay area. No phone number available. MSG shouldn't recommend golf shoes or other goods from a company without checking them out first. I guess I'll just buy my golf shoes through Amazon. You can say all sorts of bad things about Amazon, but their customer service is first rate.  

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